Turkish baklava

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# For the dough:
500-600 g flour
2 eggs
10 g of dry yeast
250 ml milk
100 ml sweet cream
1/2 tsp saffron color
200 g butter
# For the filling:
350 g chopped walnuts
1/2 cup semolina
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
# For the syrup:
2 cup sugar
1 tbsp lemon juice
3-4 grains cloves
Turkish baklava
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Kneaded dough without the butter. Rise for 45-50 minutes. Divide into balls the size of an apple. The filling was stirred to homogeneity. Each ball is rolled into a thin sheet, not sticky starch is used. Spread generously with melted butter. Sprinkle with stuffing. Rolled back to the rolling pin. Collected from both ends towards the middle and rolling pin is removed. The resulting cutter is placed in a greased baking dish with butter. Thus, all balls were prepared dough. Spread generously with butter. Bake 30-35 minutes at 180-190 C. When ready to pour the hot syrup (boiled 2 and 1/2 cup of water with the products) and dopicha 2-3 minutes in order to accommodate the syrup. Serve 2-3 hours to soften.
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08 Aug 2009
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Oh, Eli ... None to my hone ... Put in favorite and always will be ventured one day!

Eli, my neighbor makes this baklava ... mmm! More delicious baklava I have not eaten! Is supreme! Bravo! I also like the Rally will be difficult for me to do but do not know ...

Why rolling pin looks like it was cut dough?

dough is cut. Roll out very thin and looks after firing each is cut.

My grandmother taught me to throw well. Will try the recipe required.

Bravo Eli-Bookmark

Today I made baklava pastry baked by pulling on sach (Bella). It was, for which I am very happy because they do not know how to grind! The taste is closer to the original recipe.

It is clear to me for filling. Products listed only Shuffle or boil in some way?

In a bowl mix all products and spoon is applied evenly over crust. Do not boil the stuffing.

Can you make her Prov. 23, and to consume 25. Will wait for a response. Generally know baklava can sit for a long time, but I did just peel ready.

Yes, you can. I will do tomorrow baklava.

Many thanks. Yes Hands :)

Today I was about to do this baklava. Very very tasty camp. Less labor intensive, but worth the result.

Roll out a thin crust is left for about 15 minutes to dry, then rolled rolling pin, collected from both end-to get a harmonica. Unfolds gently, sprinkle with filling and rolled again in the opposite direction of the first (rotate the page 90 degrees). Cut into small pieces, which are arranged in a circle in the baking pan. Home this procedure is a ritual and all day tochim and bake. Baked baking pans of baklava can be stored for months.

I only made it ready to sheet, but should not be dead, because in collecting broken ... Now I bake it, see how it is. Use 3lista, but I saw debelshka, next time will lap 2.

wonderful happened! and put in vanilla syrup + cinnamon and a pinch of allspice. Very aromatic and get beautiful, and Turkish shops! :) In a favorite! Thanks for the recipe!

vya CSF Is that not happening with our starch and only Turkish

becomes great baklava ready to sheet, even got an order from a cafe to bake them! I upload photos. For starch-I do not believe there is any difference, except whether wheat or corn!
Thank Eli recipe!

Mmmm. super! : *

Hello, because I saw an interesting recipe and I make her. Can you tell me what makes it ready peel? Blagidarya you in advance for your answer.

Hello :) There wafers, which are specifically for baklava, but if you do not find any use other that are thin and you can still make them the same way. Baklava is great and all the sweets of this type are very durable because no eggs or milk. If you can come very ready to freeze it and then only to roast and syrup :)

and I look delicious, but because the peel of *Family* will be crushed, if you do them in this manner and wondering what peel it do look like the pictures

I use the peel-Bella never break me

made baklava, it is very nice and delicious :)

tried to peel and ready to tell you that again became good baklava :)

I only have meaning when popitam- pour whether one of the two - or baklava syrup must be cold. Thanks

I filled it with cold syrup and two parts cold to be crispy recipe writes with hot syrup choice is yours!

For the first time I decided to make baklava with filo pastry from me, and not bought and I picked this recipe. For me, something happened-after raztochih gathered and became quite thick rolls, and after I poured them baked and not to drink well and had to cut in pieces. However, it became very very delicious!

Thanks for the recipe and idea of ​​how the winding. I still can not bring myself to do with hand rolled pastry, but I believe that the time will come.

Very nice recipe. I had no meal and I substituted it with breadcrumbs. It very well.