Quick chocolate cheesecake with strawberries

Submitted by enr on 02 Apr 2013
# For the base:
100-150 g of chocolate biscuits
100 g butter
# For the cream:
300 g cream cheese
200 ml cream
140 g brown sugar
100 g of dark chocolate
1/2 cup sliced ​​strawberries
1 vanilla
80 g of dark chocolate
35 g butter
strawberries for decoration
Quick chocolate cheesecake with strawberries
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For the base: Grind the biscuits into small crumbs and add the melted butter. Stir well to moisten. Transfer the cake in the form of a drop-down bed (my diameter 23 cm) or insert an adjustable ring in the service plate and shape base. Place in refrigerator while preparing the cream. For the cream: Beat the cream with a mixer until almost solid consistency. Add sugar and mix gently (without mixer) so as to melt the crystals. Melt the chocolate in a water bath and pour the cream over the feta cheese, mix well with a fork. The resulting mixture transfer in the cream, add vanilla and carefully homogenized with the mixer the two mixtures. The cream should be tight and keep their shape. In case something goes wrong and the cream is not tight can add gelatin. I am adding. Add pre-washed, dried and chopped strawberries and stir very gently with a fork. We must not confuse more than needed to liquefy not cream based and do not crush the fruit. Reconstituted cream pour over the biscuit base, level and again put in the refrigerator. For the glaze: Melt the chocolate and the butter in a water bath. Mix them thoroughly and pour over cheesecake by spreading on the surface with the back side of tbsp punch several times as to flatten. Work fast because the cold cream chocolate hardens very quickly. Decorate with strawberries and place in refrigerator to harden completely. * cheesecake can be made with other fruits, such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and more. * For easy cheesecake cut with a heated knife (I soak it in hot water), so the chocolate glaze no breaks.
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02 Apr 2013


can you be white instead of brown sugar?

Yes, you can, but will have to reduce the quantity of white sugar to 100/110 grams. I made this cheesecake yesterday for the first time for our friends and a little worried, but it was so delicious. Cream is very delicate and ethereal, perfectly combines with fat chocolate cake and strawberries - were irresistible.

thank you :) when I do I will write reviews :)

gold great cheesecake! The pictures are very appetizing :)

desito_88, I hope you like it ... and to upload snimchitsa :) tillia, thank you dear :)

Hello girls, because I bought a new baking pan for cake and had to hansel, and prepared again our favorite chiyzkey. This time, I tried to give him a little different kind. The recipe is the same, only did half board of strawberries and laden with fruit. Get something very very fruity and chocolate :) Plodchetata dipped in gelatin.

gold gorgeous cheesecake! Congratulations :) The pictures are beautiful to me I would be sorry to cut such beauty!

gold, fine jewelry you create! :)

gold baking pan's very nice and cheesecake ... looks absolutely great :)

gold is gorgeous! I would ask if you covered with something fruits, then I read in comments :)

mimoza784, perunika, renito, tillia - thank you girls :) Podnoscheto me quite Nowicki, I bought it yesterday by Metro. If someone is looking for such, is now on sale for 10, 79 VAT, there are 3 types. Both are 32 cm., 28 cm is mine. mimoza784 you admit and I'm sorry :) my husband saw him and wanted to cut it, but I categorically refused :) I told him not tight enough, and already: D

Auuuuu ... wonderful! Zllate, congratulations.

dose of the same or is increased her?

Thank i4eto3421 :) Any products are the same, I have not changed the recipe. Not only put strawberries in cream.

accidentally stumbled upon the recipe -no got the cream cheese cheesecake for normal and looked for another recipe here. Not only put strawberries and chocolate inside to not become too heavy for my kids and I tried to repeat the vision of zllate. It was very light and delicious. Increased the dose that my pan is 28 cm., But I had a problem with otdelchneto from pan. Began to crumble and let her stay with the bottom of the pan in the refrigerator. :( I left her to toughen 2h. With cream, then another 2 hours. With chocolate and decoration, but wanted more, that the cream was not wrapped well.

Ehaaa, bravo ronicat, become a great fruit cheese cake:) Wonderful. Until now I've always adhered strictly to the recipe and I never had a problem with tightening cream (I only missed the fruit in it sometimes). It is very beautiful and the contrast with the white cream is still large, but the presence of chocolate in the cream helps a lot for it to harden well. In this case you would have had to add gelatin to keep it and keep the shape. Next time, I do it with white chocolate cream because of the contrast. I did not understand why you wanted to move it from the baking pan? When you prepare in the form it away straight to her to stand for several hours in the refrigerator, then a thin blade pass on the walls and remove only the ring - the bottom remains. Last time I did it straight in / u cake stand, by using only the ring (not the bottom). I went for a few hours in the refrigerator and then similarly removed the ring.

Great combination of chocolate, cream and strawberries! Thanks to the successful recipe zllate! Enchantress culinary. Bravo!

Chocolate and strawberries - what it needs more of a man? :) Bravo gold! Goes to Favorites waiting line! Very impressive performance! Hello! :)

ren4ok, its very nice, hearty thank you for the trust and appreciation. I am so glad that you liked cheesecake :) It seems to me that the pudding is white, please share how you prepare it, white chocolate you use or gelatin. I wish next time and so I do it. deskata555, I see that you upload a photo of your lovely cheese cake here, so this is a beautiful chocolate board straight ... lovely:) Thanks for share it :)

CVETETO3101, thank you darling :) I'm happy to see him and in your performance :)

Zllate, in the pudding put white chocolate, but my form cake is bigger and the next time you double the dose for the cream to be more beautiful. I have not put gelatin. The pudding was sufficient density. Thank you for your kind words.

Zlate very nice that you put my picture on chiizkeika in houses already asking me when I will do again, thank you for the great recipe .. :)

ren4ok, thanks for the reply :) and next time I'll do it like you white chocolate. For my 23 cm. the pudding shape is a sufficient, but for greater obviously the dose must be increased. deskata555, so beautiful that I wanted to see more people :)

Will it work if replaced with cream cheese curd? It is unsalted. And the weight, if you can.

In my opinion I think that will happen with cottage cheese. More would want dismantle to homogenize and the amount I kept.

Thank you. I'll write as I do.

Hello, very beautiful stand strawberries. I want to ask what brand of cream cheese used to have it in mind? In baking pan opening does not it?

I personally have preferred to Philadelphia cheesecake, a little more expensive, but good. For baking pan - yes, is the most appropriate one with sliding edge, as it is written in the recipe :)

Meri_Popins, is generally good cream cheese that is unsalted, but I use what I find in the store of the ordinary. Cheesecake can be prepared with low-salt cheese, mascarpone or Philadelphia as written xevi, but with cream cheese gets a great taste:) For assembly use only the ring of unbuckle baking pan (without bottom) put it in the / u cake platter Frame and marshes.

For the second time I've made this cheesecake. This time I put the chocolate, but I was a little sweeter and swapped strawberries raspberries. The next time I do it without chocolate (more like my first time) and again with raspberries and hopefully more to my taste. For those who will not put chocolate in the cream is better to put 1-2c. l. gelatine to tighten well.

again made favorite cheesecake, but due to lack of strawberries using other fruits only to decorate the top. In the pudding not put fruit, and so it is fantastic to taste.

Very tasty cake out. I made my cherry. Thanks for the nice recipe! I will prepare it.