Orange-lemon muffins

Submitted by enr on 24 May 2009
1 orange
1/2 lemon
2 eggs
3/4 cup sugar
100 g butter yl or margarine
10 g baking powder
20 g vanilla sugar or vanilla 1
1 and 1/2 cup flour
Orange-lemon muffins
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Orange and lemon are grated and the juice is squeezed. Eggs are broken foam, the butter melts. Flour mixed with sugar and vanilla sugar or vanilla. In the egg foam add the butter, Pour flour mixture, grated peel and juice. Everything is mixed well. Put it in mono muffins, as is filled 3/4 of the form and bake at 180-200 C until ready. In presentation in the middle can put strawberry or other fruit and garnish with whipped cream or another.
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24 May 2009


are wonderful. Smell great.

how many muffins out of a dose?

When I came out about 15 pieces (I have not counted them, but roughly there were. Plus - minus one unit).

became very tasty and aromatic. I put in the muffins on a piece of chocolate. :) Thanks for the recipe!

Elti, have become very good :), the coffee is on me :)

On Saturday morning I made them, but I had no time for a picture, because a hurry to go to the village. Got very fragrant and delicious :) I am glad that I came across the recipe :) And I went out 15 pieces.

My favorite mafini- without exaggeration :) I make them permanently in a double dose :) Thank you, BABY :)

added the pictures were great and smelled just how

Thanks for the recipe, polu4iha mnoooggooo is delicious. I added half chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar color.

making them the third time in a small rectangular cake. Amazing! Magical aroma and taste.

I am very happy that the recipe you liked girls. :)

Many successful recipe. Do them several times and then in a double dose. Aromatic and very very tasty.

fat that I used was oil - again were very tasty. Thanks for the recipe :)

And us niharesaha wonderful aroma. Not changed anything in the recipe

Very aromatic and delicious muffins were received. Thanks for the recipe. :)

Very aromatic and juicy muffins! Bravo!

Great became the muffins, I made them with cream cheese icing.