Basic batter for cakes, buns, cheese cakes, byuretsi

Submitted by enr on 18 Mar 2009
1 and 1/4 cup milk - at room temperature (can be half milk, half water)
1 egg + 1 egg yolk spreads
1 tbsp sunflower oil
4 cup flour
1 tbsp dry yeast or 1/2 Cubes of fresh yeast
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
melted butter
Basic batter for cakes, buns, cheese cakes, byuretsi
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From the above products Knead dough by hand or machine bread dough program. The dough is kneaded and formed a large pita, small buns, can stuffed with cheese, feta cheese or spinach. The buns knit them as kozunak, or order as a flower, shallow individual dub with melted butter . Once the form and put the dough in the pan, again allowed to rise, smeared with yolk can be sprinkled with sesame seeds and bake at 190 C for about 20 minutes. The measures we use are 1 cup - 240 ml, 1 tsp - 5 ml, 1 tbsp - 15 ml.
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18 Mar 2009


As a fan of the cakes will try this :) dough and the photos are very good

Very nice looking cake and I say bravo for your skills.

is super! I liked long t1rsya recipe for a nice cheese cake

Mmmm, 4udesna recipe, well done, put a Bookmark

You have to try it sounds good

For this amount of flour yeast is not it much? I daily bread, the amount of flour, but twice less dry yeast. And what is the weight of an fresh yeast, how big is this cube? Once used fresh yeast (for another recipe) and could be consumed - was too strong taste and smell of yeast. I would be very grateful if someone cooked this recipe shared how much yeast is used.

At the moment the standard cube of fresh yeast in BG was in '42, then '20 is somewhere half cube. sladki64e, I'm not exactly prepared the dough, but put about as such (yeast my instant dried). I think if you know your way her as her normally use. And when you used fresh yeast, how fresh yeast put on how flour is interesting to me?

Thank you, xevi! Fresh yeast used for *bakery chicks* (330 g flour). As I remember just such a standard cube bought and used half, but I know you was so long ago, no wonder the whole packet I put - a lot smelled :).

On most types of dry yeast on the back wrote about how much flour is Normally, a cube 42 grams mryasa yeast is kilogram and a little flour.

Very easy dough. I used it for bowls in this recipe Кавърма in the bowl of dough and get better. And froze the rest will use for breakfast over the weekend. We added cheese and, perhaps, sesame, because there need plenty of flavor.

omesih and ftasah dough in the bakery, then I spread the dough thoroughly greased with butter and salt and then colored her I shaped (almost ma good at this job. Peko cakes recipe exactly 25 minutes at 180 degrees with the fan. Became a great and delicious cake-dough is light and tore thread. I'm not much kneading but this recipe goes to my favorite and is a basic recipe when I decide to do this again loaf.

And I used bakery dough then I shaped muffins with salty stuffing. Very tasty. Upload a photo.

Once again I use this recipe to knead dough in the bakery, where only salt and sugar, put them in the milk and put last Maite over the flour. I made small cakes-12 number-after rise baked them at 160 degrees fan after they pulled out of the oven cover them with a cloth to tour the levels of 10-moments were like cotton mekichki.

This time I prepared the dough with 2 h. H. Wholemeal flour and about 1. 5 hours. H. White flour. I made him a pizza and it was great!

Thank you for the great recipe

once again proved successful recipe especially for the umpteenth time, I use this time for cakes with sirene..napravo became duck ..