Cream ice cream parfait

Submitted by enr on 11 Jun 2011
2 liters (850 g) prepared ice cream of your choice (I used the vanilla with caramel syrup)
30 g gelatin
400 g sour cream
6 tbsp sugar (or to taste)
10 strawberries (optional)
1 banana (optional)
Cream ice cream parfait
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Allow ice cream at room temperature to thaw (environment must be whole, but soft, and remove any liquid foam). Soak gelatin in 100 ml cold water. Beat the cream with the sugar. Clean strawberries (if you use). Beat the ice cream with a mixer (giving a nice, full of bubbles cream). Add the cream and continue beating. Put gelatin in a water bath to melt and add a trickle at the ice cream mix (Beat with a mixer). If you use fruit divide the mixture into 3 parts. In one add chopped strawberries, sliced ​​bananas in the second. The third part is without added fruit. Pour cream in parfait glasses and leave in the refrigerator (no camera). Ice cream gelled and gets very light (air) parfait flavored ice cream (but not ice). * You can buy three ice cream (each with weight 600-650 ml) with different flavor (and color). Three packets of gelatin (3 x 10 g) melting separately (each 35 ml water) and act on the prescription described above. Fruits can also be replaced according to taste.
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11 Jun 2011


eeee bravo Elti as always unique offer! I like a lot especially with three kinds of ice cream. Compliments!

Thank you, pepeleon! When I did the first time (we had forgotten a box of ice cream out of the fridge) used one kind only. Since we liked how you get today decided to repeat, but enriched with fruit. Next time will probably be a different flavor and color ice cream. And who knows what will you think of me or anyone else - recipe tolerate additions. My idea came from a cream that made my mother in law of milk, eggs and gelatin. So when I saw penetrated ice cream (out of that forgotten box) and immediately thought of svekarviniya cream. This is very similar, but is slightly gelled. I'll be glad if you will like to taste.

Mmmm, Elti, great quick and easy dessert for the heat. Will wait for his son to return from exams and will do it, but with different ice creams :) :) :) The recipe is excellent!

Hey, BABY, I'm glad you came along:-). Thank you sweet.

This time I had 400g cream and put only 200g. The mixture was firmer and some was serving inverted decoration crushed caramelized almonds. I did it without fruit, but I put slices of dry pasta.

Here comes in the form of cake - the walls of the form I put thin slices of cake ready. Cream again is only 200g. and is free of fruits.

I think I'll try a biscuit crust (like cheesecake) and blueberries in cream :)

A great recipe!

Sunny, if you think you can do it in a baking dish, do not forget to reduce the amount of cream (maybe ice cream) in order to ensure better gelling. And if you do it in bowls, you can follow exactly the recipe (it slightly jellied and gentle taste pudding). I will be expecting your feedback after testing (and photos if possible). Delicious_girl, thank you.

made ice cream and cheesecake parfait in several cups. I added blueberries. For cheesecake crust made from two types of cookies - plain and chocolate *Anelia* with butter and walnuts. So far I have only pictures in parfait cups, one cup already eaten :)

took the cake is very tasty and looks lovely but the cream is not tight enough ... I think that would be good, if held in camera and removed 10-15 minutes before consumption? Upload photos.

Sunny, I'm glad you liked the recipe. I liked your idea of ​​biscuit crust. I will test the invention more thing I got from your words *ice cream cheesecake* - will replace the cream with cream cheese. Thank you for the nice photos - and the pudding and cakes look great. I think, why do not you gelling enough? And the first thing I remember is that it can digest the gelatine in a large amount of water (I use only 100ml of the whole (30g) gelatin, although at the direction of bags need to put 300ml). Camera I have no idea how this will happen - I have not tried (yet :)).

Elti, I'll tell you why :) Because I had only 1 p. (10 g) gelatin :), but I used only 1 liter and 200 ml ice cream ... But already in the camera and is now super. Before consumption should stand at styna temperature about 10 minutes far.

Super dessert! Quick, easy and delicious!

Oh, I am very glad that you liked the recipe. And thank you for the wonderful pictures!

Sounds interesting'll try it in soon :)

The pudding was great with strawberries, I'll try it with cherries.

Now I found the recipe :) I am very impressed!

svili2006, I'm glad that you liked it. I have not tried with cherries and will wait with interest to share. renito, and I hope you can like it. In our ends quickly :)

Majestic parfait! I did it as a cake with biscuit crust. My ice cream is chocolate poured with molten chocolate and decked with cherries. Elti, many thanks for the great recipe! We are delighted :) The only regret that I did less (half dose).

renito, many thanks and sincere greetings for the beautiful design! I am very glad that you liked the recipe.

Wonderful pictures! (As always :)

Hello! I have a question and do not know where to post it. So I turn to you. I want to prepare something with stevia. Nowhere do I find recipes and batching. Thanks in advance!

great dessert. I've done it several times. Allows your imagination run wild man. For example, I added in one part cream of ground almonds and bananas in another and get great taste, garnish with grated chocolate gets very elegant dessert.

Thank you, svetulka97, for your kind words! I'm very glad you comment, you sweet! Really allows a lot of options. But with almonds I have not tried, so thanks for the idea.