Dough mekitsi, buns and pizza

Submitted by enr on 22 Apr 2011
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
200 ml milk
1/2 Cubes of fresh yeast (20 g)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
flour (about 2-3 cups)
Dough mekitsi, buns and pizza
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Milk must be at room temperature, and thereto is added the yeast, salt, sugar and flour as to be thick as a cake. Leave to rise. They added yoghurt with soda in it. Blended into a soft dough. Leave to rise.
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22 Apr 2011


dough is great! So I prepare it - very tasty!

Yes, it really is

dough is super! And the cakes were gorgeous. I'll try and pizza.

I always wondered why put and yeast and soda ...?

In This combination produces a very soft and fluffy dough and tasty. I do it and cakes are amazing mekichki and delicious.

I made this cake of dough (I added cheese). Became very, very tasty.

Elti, so you do wonder, bravo!

In the morning I made this recipe, I received quite rare dough I had to scoop with a spoon to Frizzle-wanted to make cakes, but get something like fritters and half of dough baked in the oven, one part with olives and cheese and the other made of pizza. Household ate everything not stopped boasting :) May soon will do again :)

Today I did for the first time covered by this pizza dough. Tastier never been. Thanks for the recipe.

amazing dough. I am very pleased, very much.

stii, Diddka I'm glad you liked the recipe.

dough is great. Received is wonderful pizzas :)

Zori, you did a great cake! :)

Already several times I draw from this dough! It great for pizza :)

Great recipe. I made small tortillas stuffed with minced meat (pre-fried with a little onion). I took them 2 hours ago from oven and gone! Congratulations to the recipe, upload photos :)

Yes, the recipe is great, but you need to increase the flour.

This is of course in itself kneading. To me came around 4 pm. H. :)

:) yes, you are right. but this is no problem.

Super-dough recipe I use for pizza, but cakes of *image 9* looks great, can someone to share the secret of shaping?

I, as an aspiring young cook, I want to ask a question (you may seem stupid, for which I apologize in advance) so .. how long roughly have the dough rise? :)Thanks and good luck!

Thank you tillia, its very nice! :)

From pizza dough made and left to make cakes in the morning. Successful recipe! :)