Biscuit cakes with peaches

Submitted by enr on 13 Jun 2009
15 biscuits type Breakfast
200 g butter or margarine
1 cup sugar
200 g cottage cheese
2 tbsp cocoa or Shock
1/2 cup milk
peaches compote
Biscuit cakes with peaches
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The cottage cheese is stirred with 100 g butter and half the sugar. The remaining butter is mixed with cocoa and remaining sugar (may be replaced with a powder which will be better) and stirred until evenly mixed. On foil rank biscuits - 3 lines 5 and outlines the side. Mahat biscuits and contoured seat is coated with cocoa-butter mixture. On it again rank biscuits dipped in milk, spread on them curd cream and biscuits in the middle row are put peaches. Are raised upward both ends biscuits to obtain a triangle. Together with fthe oil were left for 2-3 hours in a refrigerator and then removed fthe oil. Optional top can be further decorations.
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13 Jun 2009


cheerful, yet interesting offers inexhaustible :)

cheerful, great recipes!

Yesterday I made them and became stahotni but little changed recipe. In the curd put 1 stepche peach, and in cocoa-butter mixture put 2h. h liquid cream (but this dose and a half).

I love the pasties, but not quite kept my recipe. Used cookies *Breakfast* and margarine added 200 g. Of sour cream with curd and mix cocoa with powdered sugar. Dipping biscuits in the juice of the compote. Very simple and very tasty. Thanks for the idea :)