Submitted by enr on 22 Oct 2013
1 kg potatoes
1 sprig fresh onion
2 cloves garlic
8 eggs
50-60 g of milk
olive oil
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Potatoes finely and very thin, fry in a deep frying pan onions and add the potatoes and fry them, being careful not to catch the crust. When they start sticking add 1 cup water and stirring often, breaking the potatoes in stirring of even small pieces. Until they are fully prepared, if necessary add a little more water, potatoes should not have crust. Once ready add salt and chopped garlic and again to cook for 1-2 minutes, add the parsley and remove from heat. In a bowl, beat eggs and milk and salt. Then in another pan not so deep pour a little oil, and pour in the eggs and potatoes on them, distributed evenly using a wooden spoon to, reduce the heat and when the mixture thickens enough on top to be able to pay, pay using a cover without edges and big enough to cover the pan, turns on the lid and the lid is returned back into the pan to bake the other side. Using a spatula pressuring all to go on inside to get round cake. On the other hand, she needed no more than 3-4 minutes. Finally, turn on a plate and serve.
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22 Oct 2013


cake is not nothing but a big hash brown.

I do not think so, but everyone has a say!

anah_su_namun of the comments you see that your big claims, and let you some nice recipe and we like it.

how much cake you ate, Stefanel?