Cake with lemon cream

Submitted by enr on 17 Dec 2010
# For the base:
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup flour
# For the cream:
600 g yogurt
1 cup sugar
1 lemon
Cake with lemon cream
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Base: Whip of snow with a little more than half of sugar. Then broken down to whiten the egg yolks with the rest of the sugar, add 3 tbsp water and flour. Mix with beaten whites and gently stir (not to drop the mixture). Bake in greased and floured pan (with a diameter of 22-23 cm) about 30 minutes. Cream: Mix yogurt with 1 cup sugar, juice of half a lemon and grated lemon rind. After you bake the base, still warm, pour the prepared milk cream. The finished cake is harvested in the refrigerator for 5-6 hours.
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17 Dec 2010


I think it would be very easy and tasty mngo, the latter must will take water from the yogurt and will get a nice soft and tight cream. And looks the picture chudusno-oh-oh-o, thank you.

Thanks for the comment neli1100. Just such is obtained dessert.

Thanks for the idea ... and many pictures grabbed me ... Bravo! I'll do it compulsory and will put pictures and I ... but I can do so in a recipe and even some of the same pie crust and cream 1 packet of butter and dissolved in a little water and sugar starch

Put immediately to favorites. I liked the recipe, will make it possible.

I personally, not the world that the recipe before ... I was neyasdna swamps I borrowed from you ... and I did get was perfect ... a little changed cream and so I wrote a new recipe ... thanks for the great idea ...

And I do it in sashtatata recipe :) Very successful! Pepi Bravo! This is one of our favorite sweets!

Reni, very good look! Reminded me just in time, just wondering what is the dessert for the weekend!

Many years ago I did this cake with biscotti crust instead. Slgam order biscotti inundate them skrem second row biscuits and cream again.

great cake, suitable for hot summer days!

Thank you, Nelly and I'm of the same opinion! Inter alia, for us the dessert was lemon cake! :)

Very fresh, light and delicious cake suitable for the summer heat!

Light, fresh and flavorful cake!

Wonderful picture Reni to your meal! :)

Get me great. The recipe is very nice, easy and delicious. Congratulations.

syrup you swamps? Some photos look pretty juicy. Or is it just yogurt?

Melita, not syrup. Swamps really becomes juicy, but it is only yogurt.

Certainly I do not get juicy marshes, and yogurt is much more than nuzhno- at least to me. The taste is good, but was hoping for more.

Iliana, I could not understand you. I mean how milk is a longer and swamps you not become juicy. Should, if the milk is already moist cake be plenty left you cake stand? In the recipe is recorded 5-6 hours, but the longer the time is standing, the better! How cm is the diameter of the cooking plate, using? Many questions, but I'm trying to find the cause of failure :)

my baking pan 24 cm. Now it looked sladkisha- started to become more juicy top down, but definitely passed more than 5-6 hours- if more time is needed to syrupy marshes may be noted *overnight stay*. Mlyakoto- on the break (hand) is povtechni, although a 4% fat. In pouring onto dessert at one point started to run down the sides, and outside the baking pan. Naturally, I stopped, but I left a bowl of cream. So I think 300-400gr. will suffice. Thank you for paying attention and not to offend, as some people here (unfortunately).

By looking at the first picture of the iris, and some of Reni, I understand that blat remains in the form (pan) (Rennie May enjoy unbuckle be ring), which is baked and pour cream. Ilianche, you write: *In pouring onto dessert at one point started to run down the sides, and beyond platter.* Maybe this is the reason. The form holds the whole quantity of cream and marshes would be soaked sufficiently, after standing in the refrigerator. I have not done the cake, but you'll be glad if I can help! :)

Yes, it is Ina :) cake layer remains in the form in which it is baked and pour the cream, otherwise there is no way to keep the entire amount (cream became rare). Iliana, I guess you're expecting to get a thick cream, writing *although used milk with 4% fat content.* You do not need milk to such (even with much less fat is, the cake becomes more juicy). Hope I helped :)

Thank you both for the comments. Yes, and I thought it might be better marshes do not remove from the baking pan, but strictly observe the recipe when you do first, but this was not noted this. I thought even put other road gelatin to hold the cream on the cake, but water from milk will reach the marshes and the result will be even worse. And the next time a small% fat. Glad to vklyuchihte- very respected opinion and both you :)

Reni, Ina, thanks girls, in particular comments smooth ambiguities! :) Ilianka, take note of the first picture added to the recipe. There cake is baked and flooded with cream without is removed from the pan! I sincerely hope the next time you stay happy with the dessert :)

Yes, you're right for snimkata- I had not paid attention. Next time will be perfect :) Thanks, iris!

Hello. Yesterday I made the cake, is simply incredible. Thanks for the recipe.

Mam4eto_30, very glad that you liked the cake! We also enjoyed his Saturday! :)

cake is incredibly delicious, very fast and successful recipe. Eggs break them with sugar and rear case added 1h. l. baking soda dissolved in 1c. l. yogurt, but I think the result is the same.

Crazygirl, I'm glad you liked the cake is! :) Enjoy your meal!