Lightning croutons in a microwave

Submitted by enr on 20 Jan 2011
6 slices white bread
1 tbsp vegeta or spices of your choice
butter (margarine) - spreads bread
Lightning croutons in a microwave
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Slices of bread are coated with the butter, sprinkle with vegeta and cut into cubes (1x1 cm). Put them in a suitable microwave container. Bake for 5 minutes at 600 W + Grill (CF if no grill at full power for about 3 minutes), stirring two or three times. Obtained croutons for 4-6 servings. * At home they nibble and domes. * The spice can be replaced with another (Maggie chicken, soy sauce, savory barbecue, Maggie 4 cheeses - 1 tbsp of fixes, colorful salt). * After cooling can be ground and obtained aromatic breadcrumbs.
Very easy
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20 Jan 2011


Fantastic :) were received amazing croutons - and very delicious, and very fast :) CONGRATULATIONS!

missed just might add - croutons bake nepohlupeni.

Yes nepohlupeni bake, I forgot to clarify :) and I was prepared picture but could not get it I do not know why

Eee, super! Somehow I have not thought to do so in MB. Still in the oven roast them. Next time you do croutons, I will make them that way.

I had not thought of it to do so croutons :) Thanks for the recipe.

Bravo for the idea! Became very fast and perfect taste. Making them in the oven sometimes forget them and some burned, and so this can not happen.

Today, I were done and became great, and I fried them before quickly delicious and easy. Rated 10 out of me.

Thanks for the compliments :)

made them and were amazing, Zori. Now the only way to do them.

I stirred it with vegeta oil and hot pepper, covered filiikite become very good!

really become very fast and are very nice.

Great! I made natural, only masaltse (very loved it home) and also made with olive oil and sprinkled with basil and oregano ... mama mia ... yummy!

maleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee very tasty :) bravo recipe now made them all and liked them very much. I made them with margarine colored salt and pikantina for BBQ

are the same technology and the type-rye bread

very well received so. I sprinkle with oil.

are great. I added them to the soup and get incredibly delicious!

They became great. Greased with butter and sprinkled with salt and red pepper.

I am glad that you liked.

Very tasty! :) I put vegeta, next time I will experiment with other spices. Thanks for the recipe!