Chocolate cookies with peanut butter

Submitted by enr on 01 Mar 2010
# For the dough:
200 g flour
50 g cocoa
1/2 tsp baking soda
125 g butter
100 g of white sugar
100 g brown sugar
50 g peanut butter
1 egg
1 tbsp fresh milk
2 vanilla
# For the filling:
80 g of powdered sugar
120 g peanut butter
# For sprinkling:
3-4 tbsp granulated sugar
Chocolate cookies with peanut butter
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In a bowl, sift flour, cocoa and baking soda . In a separate bowl beat with mixer softened butter with both sugars, peanut butter, egg, milk and vanilla. To this mixture was gradually added a mixture of flour, mix a soft dough. On it are formed bead 32. Filling: In a bowl, mix peanut butter, add powdered sugar and mix a soft dough, which is also divided into 32 balls - smaller than the other. The cookies are formed by taking one brown ball flattens it so as to obtain a disk. It puts a ball of stuffing and rolls gently on all sides. Again pressed lightly and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Similarly shaped and other sweets. Arranged in a greased baking tray and baked in a preheated 180 C oven for no more than 8-10 minutes.
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01 Mar 2010


On the palate much I liked. Just filling me was sticky and not so thick that it can form balls. Then when turning brown bread is nachupiha and could not form a regular balls. But it had an impact only on appearance, not taste. I added photos.