Chocolate truffles

Submitted by enr on 19 Oct 2007
250 g of dark chocolate
150 g cream
40 g butter
75 g cocoa powder (dark)
Chocolate truffles
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Prepare a water bath container. It put 2 tbsp water and add chopped chocolate into small pieces, which melts the water bath with constant stirring. When the chocolate is completely melted slowly add the cream and without removing from heat stir until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Court remove from heat and leave to cool. When the chocolate has cooled down again put the fire in a water bath and add the butter, stirring until completely dissolved and the mixture becomes uniform again. The chocolate mixture is poured into a bowl with a spatula as is harvested what is left in the container. Cover bowl with plastic foil and put in refrigerator for about an hour until the mixture hardens. Chocolate remove from the refrigerator and spoon or little spoon of ice cream scoops of the mixture. To make small balls with your hands - between the palms, and this must be done quickly so as not to melt the chocolate too much. Pellets pressed into a cocoa powder.
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19 Oct 2007


The chocolates were amazing!

made them become straight no words great, but one savat me one hour is not enough if after one hour the mixture is not hard enough put it in the camera for 30 minutes in a bag or plastic wrap to cover it does not accept the other The smell and after 30 min. already take your candy m / e 75 g cocoa much for this dose of 5 from me and goes directly into the favorite whenever a special occasion will do - greetings!

It is really very nice neveriyatni

A cream Do not boil or something - was nevertheless in the fridge?

MALKALADY ... not boil, just add, it does not matter whether it's from the refrigerator or at room temperature :)

Great! Splendid!

I love these candies! With ground almonds too ... mmm :)

A Cocoa sweet you must be (as the * Nesquik *) or clean?

For truffles necessarily pure cocoa, sweetened no! :)

Thanks for the quick response. :)

how candy become?

cream what it is, this confectionery you?

Thank you for the great recipe! For sladolyuba like me and preparation and consumption are holiday! ... Just need to work on the forms that I become roshavki ... :)

I added dried cranberries in themselves candy and a little rum. As a finale them dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled them with nuts. Great ...

The chocolates were incredibly delicious! The next time will add the nuts.

Can you tell how many come? Will do them a gift and should know what box to buy.

It depends on how big will shape them. To me come around 25-30 chocolates.

Thanks for the quick reply :)

Splendid truffles! I poured the mixture into a silicon mold candy and I received 45-50 pieces. Do not roll in cocoa.

exe .. look great! Bravo for products! :)

Mimi, made her perfect candy and many beautiful photos! Well done, congratulations!

Girls, thanks for the kind words :) And the birthday girl was very pleased with the gift :)