Cologne sweet bread with raisins (Rosinenblatz)

Submitted by enr on 24 Nov 2010
350 g flour
200 g fat cottage cheese
60 g sugar
60 g butter
60 g raisins
30 g fresh yeast
2 eggs
pinch of salt
fat spreads mold, if used
Cologne sweet bread with raisins (Rosinenblatz)
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Raisins are poured with hot water and allowed to swell for a few hours or overnight. The yeast was dissolved in warm water 4-5 tbsp. Sift the flour into a bowl and add to it the sugar, the salt, the butter (soft), the cottage cheese, eggs and the dissolved yeast. Mix with hands and kneaded well. The dough becomes shiny. Finally, put the drained raisins and kneaded again. The dough is formed into a ball, put it in the tray, which will bake on baking paper. Ball, flatten slightly and leave covered with a towel in a warm place to rise until doubled in volume. Another option is to paint oblong cake pan, the dough to form a roll and put in it. Also in this case rises to warm to double the volume. During this time, heat the oven to 200 C. The bread bake 35-40 minutes of bottom rail. Surely must be sampled with a stick. If the bread on top is red, but inside still raw, screw with foil and doizpicha. If baked in a form bread out of it immediately after baking and cool on a wire rack. And round bread is removed from the hot pan and cooled in the same way. Consumed as kozunak or sliced ​​and spread with butter or cottage cheese and jam optional (honey, chocolate, jam, jam, etc.). * If using dry yeast, put 1 packet - as 500 g of flour. * In the dough can be put and grated lemon or orange peel. The amount of raisins can be increased, then increased slightly and baking time. * Sometimes, depending on the type of flour, the dough may become sticky. Then sprinkle flour on the work surface and the dough izmesva there until take enough flour to avoid stickiness. The amount of yeast is enough bread rises without problems even to slightly increase the flour. * It is the cottage cheese and eggs at room temperature, so the dough rises faster.
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24 Nov 2010


This is a different recipe of sweet bread, and I liked the picture.

Thank you for the nice score, Nelly:-) If the bread is made round, not in form, becomes like bread. Yield in the form height. Moreover, because it is used in liquid kneading, rises slowly - at least an hour he needs. I've only done it twice, because here is sold everywhere and when someone his priyadat much, just buy. Good luck to those who decide to do so! :-)

The recipe is really interesting and taste - different from the usual. I think that the difficulties with souring can be avoided if kneaded dough from the usual ingredients (flour, yeast, eggs, sugar, butter) and add the curd after souring. Well received and in home baking (the *sweet bread*) under the following conditions: first put those ingredients and curd and raisins - after first rising, when a machine premesva and signaled. It would be nice to add curd not once, but gradually, in small portions. If using dry yeast, that does not add water, put another egg. It is not necessary to put a whole packet. If you have time, pre-heat the eggs to 30-40 degrees and beat them with sugar. Thanks and congratulations!