Corn bread machine bread

Submitted by enr on 17 Nov 2010
2 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil
1 and 1/2 tsp salt
330 ml water
225 g cornmeal
450 g white flour
1 and 1/2 tsp dry yeast or 20 g fresh yeast
1 tbsp sugar
peppers, olives
spices of your choice
walnuts or other nuts
Corn bread machine bread
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In court baking machine is first placed olive oil. Then pour 330 ml water at room temperature - if you put dry yeast, if you put fresh yeast from the cube, put 300 ml water, and in the remaining 30 ml water, dissolve the yeast. In water, the salt was added. The flour is sieved and poured into water, taking care to cover all the liquid, which does not mix with the yeast, which is placed on the flour. Finally puts and 1 tbsp sugar. Peppers cut into small cubes and place on top. Last put dry spices - the total is 1 tsp machine is placed on the program for 1 kg of bread. During the kneading a beep sounds, which is an indication of adding more brittle components. Then open the lid of the machine and put coarsely chopped olives that have previously rolled in flour. After baking the bread is placed on a rack to cool.
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17 Nov 2010


Great work! I did it without olives and peppers. At home like it a lot!

I also did it without spices but always put in 1tbs lemon juice becomes more beautiful and durable, lemon juice improves the structure of the dough. To my left is not so white top after transfer roast it in the oven until the top wire is red!

is wonderful steffanell- gorgeous pictures

From Homemade -hubavo no!

It is - loaves and the two you are gorgeous. Will enlighten me know about nuts. And I want to be with sesame and other seeds and vyprosyt me when to put them - in kneading or

If you want inside the dough to put seeds are placed in zvukovia signal outside sprinkled are placed before baking, here in this photo I put 1. L Sesame inside. When the rolls are just outside when form them into balls Roll them with wet hands and then they Roll with sesame sticks so plenty deep scratches on top and stay to rise

wow Sym how bad I put two tablespoons lyzhitsi products and turned. So goes in the basket - gletavo will come. Thank you - for sequent ROUTES will know

for the next ROUTES - very experienced rapid write and do a lot of mistakes

It will not happen gletovo, do not worry, I'll put my products 325 ml. water-1k. l sugar-1 and a half k. l. salt -1 tsp sok- with lemon 2. l oil 1c. l -100 g sesame semolina lightly ground-400 g. flour 7 g dry yeast in the kneading add another 1. l flour not stick to the walls, dark crust 1 program of one kilogram'm not release her to not repeat recipes

Before baking, check if it is well risen disc of dough and bake disable stay to rise well and then drop the baking program, I leave it for another 10 min. After being roasted in a closed cover, and then put it in the oven on top wire to zachervidobre otherwise as white on me like a weirdo!

gorgeous your recipe - implicate her about dinner and show what Sym able to do. Lunch is - they buy you a virtual salad with kokteylche. Tenkssssssss

Thanks a lot and one of my kokteylche for all Incoming

Didi very well so you do, bravo!

Today I do corn pitaki but I was not sure in this recipe and kneaded by hand but as I added 150 g semolina flour. Incredibly delicious bread get!

I Peko it in the oven, so we like more, done with a crispy crust.

Bread which we adore and often do.

recipe is good, but 330 ml. water is less of these ingredients, I put 420 ml. water.