Couscous Salad A la Foe

Submitted by enr on 07 May 2012
500 couscous (cous-cous, true north African product, not a paste called couscous)
1 red pepper
2 fleshy tomatoes
1/2 cucumber
200 g sheep brined feta cheese
2 cloves garlic
1 red onion
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
rind of 1 lemon, grated
salt, pepper
coriander (green)
200 ml water (approximately)
roasted nuts optional - pinievi, pistachios or almonds
Couscous Salad A la Foe
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200 ml water are mixed with 100 ml olive oil, salt and lemon juice. In this liquid mix cous-Kusa. After about 5 minutes, if the grains are still very hard, make a little olive oil and lemon juice. Garlic is passaged and mixed with cous-Kusa. All spices are cut / crush finely (if not already broken). Mix with lemon zest and mix in the cous-Kusa. Peppers, tomatoes and cucumber finely and add to the salad. Onions cut into strips, fry is light, add balsamic vinegar and stew to soft. Add the salad. Season intensive. salad sprinkled with finely crumbled feta cheese and optional with roasted nuts. * Cook put up consumes a lot of flavor, so after standing for some time, the salad should be stirred well and seasoned again. * cous put up for this recipe not pour hot water and olive oil and cold water. So the texture is completely different - grains not stick and not kashvat. * The amount of spices is to taste.
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07 May 2012


Rally and is not greasy you with so much oil? I like this way of cooking couscous-Kusa that cooked salads I'd stick grains.

Neville gets to a large salad bowl, which has a 100 ml olive oil. But I put double vegetables, maybe that's why I have not felt bland. But such amount is unlikely you will be able to eat it only once he and Paul :) Try to reduce your oil at the expense of cold water. I also drew me in the way of preparing cous-Kusa and not lied - us mnogpo we liked! Nevi, and I forget the source -…

Rights, I did not think how to reduce oil in reducing cous-Kusa :) I'll try it mandatory. You can still edit the recipe - the *Edit* is the top right above the picture.

Great indeed, we are very happy - very aromatic and delicious salad :) This way of preparing cous-Kusa is really more appropriate for salads. Took me a little more fluid, but it depends on cous-Kusa, vegetable put as specified proportion, but slowed oil at the expense of water. Not mentioned what is coriander - green or ground (seed) and as I put this ground - very well combined with lemon flavor. Added and roasted almonds.

and I take more water ... Is not edit the water? Last night I did it again, but falsified with mint and parsley, onion and let fresh. Chusshka not put because I did not. I constantly put double dose tomatoes and cucumbers :) Coriander is fresh, but nothing prevents to replace. I think it is essential method of preparation of cous-Kusa and other ingredients undergo changes.

Fine, but will ask as idiot-from where this takes real couscous? First understand that this is not pasta!

I climb you two pictures of him that I buy. Watch out, however, and for other brands. Here it is in a well-stocked supermarket, and every Arab and Turkish shop.

Thanks! Hope in Carrefour have! If not, will try to Bulgarian version with fake couscous.

Kus-Kusa as we know it in Bulgaria (pasta balls) do not think that it is better to use in this recipe, will not that bad, but it will be a salad with pasta. I wonder if bulgur not be more appropriate to replace - more like couscous and is prepared in a similar way?

And I what I thought. From the fine bulgur if taken, will get a lot better. But also would become big. Bulgur of his must, however, go 1-2 minutes cooking. I would put 250 g (large) bulgur to boil in 300 ml salted water for 2 minutes, then remove it from the heat - it can add another 100ml of cold water and 100 ml olive oil, also lemon juice, garlic, etc. . Leaving sandwiching with a lid, it will take everything. The fine bulgur just pour the hot water does not need to boil.

I suggest a big meal. Because in Bulgaria bulgur not only not sold cooked, and is together with the shell of the grain. Besides couscous Arab shops sell it at a high price. Boil for 10 minutes in a larger meal, draining. Rubbing his hands and olive oil and leave to poizsahne. Then you only with cold water and olive oil to submerge that couscous is made only of steam.

Hand-made couscous, which is made of vapor kuskusiera here in Germany I have not faced. One that I use is instant (semi) product that does exactly with water 1 cup couscous 1 cup salted boiling water for 5 minutes is ready. Just for this salad is made with cold water and oil. But I promised hand-made couscous from Morocco, I hope this time happen because last summer I seized the consignment in Spain;)

interesting proposal will try. I accidentally found in Lidl. One box was about 3. 50-4 lev and I think that that lies in pasta.

I tried the recipe and I liked it. I was skeptical about the combination, tomatoes, cumin, lemon, but it turned out pretty good. Let the jar sit in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Next time I fell a little olive oil. I served in half tomato. Very impressive work. I grated cheese on top and no one could have anticipated that it waits surprise :) Very, very sorry that I have no photos. Next time.

Very, very glad that the salad was struck your fancy :))) I damp fat in most recipes, but just in this somehow did not seem to be much. Matter of taste. May, if olive oil has an intense flavor, then felt more even in such olive sometimes bitterness. Recently, use a soft, which is almost yellow, not green-brown, maybe this is my *blurs the eyes*;))) It is important to be tasty.

And the pictures - so nice descriptions that I am very sorry that you have not succeeded. Imagine how the original was ...!

Kus-Kusa can successfully replace with fine bulgur - tested. Of course, taste is not exactly the same, but it is tasty. Because I liked cous-Kusa so with cold water, dared and tried in the same way with fine bulgur - 1 pm. H. Bulgur, about 1/3 h. H. Cold water, leave for 5 minutes to soak and do salad. The amount of water will depend on the actual groats and vegetables - I leave it slightly hard and is mixed with vegetables and other products and stand less in the refrigerator absorbs and softens. This is just about the the fine bulgur, a big do not think I will be able to soften so.

Nevi, thank you very much useful and interesting information! I fine bulgur and will surely try. How much oil to put bulgur? Or put? All the liquid 1/3 h. H. You left?

Rally, 1/3 h. H. Water is just water, a little extra fat use - 3-4. L. And somewhere around 2-3 pm. L. Lemon juice, fat but I feel that it influence of humidity bulgur, whole salad just greasy and adds density. Several times already prepare bulgur so far last time Mary water, or put the bulgur and his livvam little water, mix and after a few minutes watching him - if too wet even put a spoonful of grits, if dry - a little water. It should be moist but hard to take from others.