Cream cheese - Natural

Submitted by enr on 12 Feb 2012
400 g feta cheese Feta type (the Danube)
5 to l. Yogurt
Cream cheese - Natural
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The feta cheese was crushed in a bowl and add it to yogurt. Stir until a smooth mixture. You can add spices to taste - savory, parsley, dill and garlic, red pepper.
Very easy
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12 Feb 2012


Quite often you do this recipe as a basis for sauces / appetizers. Use cheese as River (soft, salty and greasy), digest in chopper by adding whatever is in the fridge at the moment - pickles, onions, garlic, boiled eggs, roasted peppers, olives and other hard cheeses, roasted eggplant, I put ham, even dry salami. There is no limit to the options that can be invented :) It is very suitable for baked potatoes, spreads on toast or sandwich filling (when traveling sandwich with stuffing such, great stick and no danger of collapse).

I do not know, so that can be obtained cream cheese. Many thanks for the idea.