Dessert raspberry and kisses

Submitted by enr on 01 Apr 2014
150 g kisses
700 g frozen raspberries
400 ml cream
250 g feta cheese or quark sour cream
Kisses crushed in court, which will be served dessert by leave a few kisses for decoration. On them shall be distributed frozen raspberries. The cream was stirred at the highest level of the mixer. Best cream is cold. Quark mix with the cream and pour over the raspberries. Decorate with remaining raspberries and eventually kisses. Leave for several hours in the refrigerator and removed about 1 hour before serving.
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01 Apr 2014


Quark, Quark, says of Bulgarian Cheese.

Yes, but what in Bulgaria is sold as curd has a slightly different taste and visual qualities of what I know as Quark - curd is quite dry and not as smooth as consistency. So in Bulgarian conditions sour cream maybe is a better option for this recipe.

Yes, but then strained - to become almost as Shmand. Because quark in general tightens mixture and sour cream after stirring a liquid ...

And what quark benefits? Magerquark, 20% or 40% fat?

Most often take 40% fat, but mostly because of the weight. Magerquark is usually in larger cuts. And as strained cream is not necessary to tighten the mixture much. Of frozen raspberries and without and cream are pozaskrezhava.