Dessert of strawberries and biscotti

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2010
500 g of yogurt with vanilla flavor
about 20 biscotti
600 g cream
2 packages cream fixative
500-600 g strawberries
Dessert of strawberries and biscotti
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Cream mix with latch. In a bowl put a few tablespoons of yogurt, then ladyfingers, then cream, finally chopped strawberries. Repeat until the products ends with strawberries. Leave in the refrigerator until the biscuits are soft. Serve cool.
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10 Apr 2010


recipe is great and will try as soon as possible. What is this fixative cream? Are you a gelatin?

Could not be used pastry cream instead retainer?

Girls, you know what cream you use for sweets ... this very topic we've discussed:-))) Fiskator cream is a powder that is added during the break, so that the cream does not belong, and 36 hours in the refrigerator has the volume. If you know another way to achieve this effect - attach it. Importantly would definitely be air. To the recipe *Heavenly daughter* Brides has put a photo of the retainer.

If you use a pastry cream / intimate / may not put retainer.And he sold in Kaufland and not expensive.

fixative is not gelatin, a mixture of glucose, starch and calcium phosphate, indicated as E341. Function in this case as an emulsifier stabilizes proteins, present in the ice cream, coffee cream, condensed milk. Furthermore, in: baking powder, car, salami, cold tea, ready test glazes batters in chewing gum. It serves as a preservative. Is it in toothpaste as polishing salts.

Super dessert! I replaced the sour cream with cream cheese and used thick yogurt!

I'm glad you liked it! Looks great! Turned him? Or ordinal in the hoop, which then ceased her?

For sazhelenie I still form a band, so I turned :) still get better.