Earth * color * in halogen oven

Submitted by enr on 27 Oct 2011
140 ml warm milk
1/2 tsp salt (graduated)
1 tsp sugar (graduated)
1 tbsp sunflower oil (volumetric)
1/2 tsp lemon juice ( graduated)
1-2 tbsp grated cheese
1 clove crushed or chopped garlic
250 g flour
4 g of dry yeast (1/2 bag)
Earth * color * in halogen oven
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Dough is baking in the program Dough. Products are placed in the order in which they are written. Can knead by hand, but at least 2 rise and knead. Once prepared, the dough is subtracted and divided into 7 equal portions, which shape of balls. Rip them with a sharp knife on top of the cross and soak them in sesame. Put the pan in the bottom BBQ (oven), cut a circle the size of the BBQ of baking paper and pan. Redim earth at a distance from one another and include 15-20 minutes of 50C oven to rise rolls (you marked 50 degrees knob see the photo that I put - how to adjust). Then turn the oven to 180C for 25 minutes. And not to remain below raw, flip them and cook another 5 minutes of 200C. Remove them and leave them on a rack to cool - then the earthly remains crunchy. If you want to become mekichki after five minutes wrap them in a towel and put in a plastic bag. * Thank steffanell, allowing me to rewrite the recipe, so I have named after her.
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27 Oct 2011
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Oh, very nice godmother them made these bagel! I did not know called bagel ,, ,, my husband called them rosettes ,, ,,

But I crossed myself from them in buns bagel ...

But I brought them today resemble a bagel., But yesterday was wrapped in no numbers last night. I wrapped them in cloth and so were nice rubbery that we learned how they ate. This morning my asking me not rest so you can rig hamburger to work.

I do in Half an sufficient dosage per day for two obichamegi crispy and hot, I make them every day! While you make the coffee machine and load.

Thank you for the nice recipes, mom! Tonight more thorough look around them. Right from the start I noticed that cook a lot in this hologenna oven. Sounds like magic. Many times I have heard ads also in the press, but I have not paid attention. As I describe things like a magic. Many ask me share some details, if they are not difficult.
And for all recipes without exception my straight A!
All are wonderful. It's nice on this site to you!

How many pieces out of a half dose?

What a stupid question to ask, now saw in the recipe that is divided into seven balls! Excuse me! Tonight I make them seem to me very easy, and with these delicious photos tempted.

My guests love them, made them long ago, but just now I saw that I did not put evaluation. And the idea of ​​souring is super, since chestichko use it for another test as I have not much time to wait.