Eclairova layered cake Dream

Submitted by enr on 01 Feb 2010
1 cake base
# For eclairste:
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup flour
4 eggs
# For yolk cream:
2 cup milk
2 yolks
5 tbsp flour
1 cup sugar
1 vanilla
# For Creamy Cream:
250 ml sweet cream
1 cup sugar
400 g yogurt
20 g gelatin
Eclairova layered cake Dream
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Eclairste: Boil 1 cup water with the oil and salt. Pour the flour and stir over low heat until it is released by the court. After cooling down, add eggs one at a time and stirred constantly. In a tray, covered with baking paper with syringe make eclaircheta and bake in a moderate oven. Yolks with cream, put it milk to boil, add to it sugar and flour and leave the fire to thicken . Remove from heat to cool and gently one by one add the egg yolks, stirring the mixture constantly. Eclairchetata filled with yolk cream. Cream cream: mix the cream, add the yogurt, sugar and dissolved in 1 cup water in the water bath gelatin. Mix well. In a pan with removable bottom lining the base of cake on the bottom, then a row eclaircheta, sprinkled with cream cream, another line eclaircheta and cream again. Leave in refrigerator to set. The cake is decorated optional.
Very difficult
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01 Feb 2010


The cake looks very complicated, but is easy to implement, especially burglaries points always.

now will make her

Drop picture;)

And I look forward images, sounds very tempting! On Saturday I will try to prepare myself.

1 h. Water to dissolve gelatin, not diluted a lot of cream?

as well add the water, it becomes just like cream. Otherwise, just whipped cream.

I just finished preparing the cake. As toughen gelatin, will try and compulsory pictures ... Looks promising, I hope you rob applause!

I have no words ... great cake! Here are some pictures.

will try you will love puff pastry is great

I'm glad you like it! I adore this cake (not only I, whither;)

The cake is great here and my pictures

have prepared the cake for the second time, I made some changes and became more beautiful. Sugar cream swapped with chocolate, 150 g. And instead of a shredded pastry ready roll (7 DAYS) slices and two banana slices. The result you can see on the pictures.

Well, she is so typical cake rolls that not only the top and inside; (

Super cake, I tried once to shop and then look for the recipe. I am very glad that I found her just now, when my little treasure makes 1 year. I need some help ... The cake will have to reach at least 25 people. I have to do at least two, right.

If you cut into smaller pieces you will get 22 Porcius.

Thanks for the reply.

Bravo :) Daggett in favorites. I'm from Pleven, but now live in Varna no reservations about :)

I do not get better - pastry after the 4 eggs became very rare and eclairs never ofirmiha, but this is not enough then everything stick baking paper and so I robbed only the top layer of the pancake, because profiteroles were not stirred it with cream and so it ate. To cake never came. Will not repeat more surely

I do whites in this recipe and always receive great Pets eclairs .And then follow the recipe for the cake

and I always received me-something doing properly (I am still not become whites when I added the eggs in still warm dough.

Well, you wrote it, you should cool !? But what to read;)

whites bake in a hot oven-must!

I can join for whites;) I think that Anita should otherwise be confusing, not whether the eggs are placed in warm or cold dough. For example, I always put the eggs in the hot dough - whether Rhine krapfeni , eclairs , Krokombush (Croquembouche) or Tulumba - everywhere eggs are placed in hot (not boiling) dough. And it gets :) I often do puff and I think it would be liquified only if the wrong proportions. Otherwise the cake I have not tried, but sounds tempting! I had not found it until now.

I made a cake for Christmas. For the first time I'm doing it and it was very nice even my husband asks me *why not alone rules and before such a cake.*Moved to a folder favorites.Happy New Year to all.

Bravo, Nelly! Look fantastic!

Thanks, Pepi!

Big cake happened! I make it in a second time. Now unless I added cream and chocolate cream (at home are big fans of chocolate). Is great!

This cake is unique become my favorite

I'm glad you like it: *

Simple but effective cake and 31 picture with this happy child under 4 small torteta is gorgeous. I liked the idea.

Irina, very original get it done!

Well, the idea is not mine, but I tried to like the original :)

Tomorrow I will boast with pictures now tightens in the fridge ... licking ... :)

upload a photo (number 32). In cream and cream added 200 g dark chocolate. Very easy and delicious cakes. :)

Bravo, flowers cake looks very good!

Thanks! The only thing that made me a little difficult is making cream eclairs. Blurring the flour in a little milk and so added the mixture to the boiling milk, but it was not perfectly smooth, it was lumpy and had to strain to make it smooth, but become sticky from the passage. I think my mistake is that not sifting flour in advance and the other that will change next time is stirrer - was now a wooden spatula, and next time will dabble with staple. Sporedelete how you deal with the cream. Otherwise, everything else became perfectly the first time, only the empty cream ...: D

flowers, when you do not wait for such a cream milk to boil and only then add the flour! First you cook porridge with flour and milk should be less frequent and to put her 2 -3 tablespoon. l. sugar, add it at the hot (not boiling) milk (which previously pulled her from the heat) trickle. Keep stirring vigorously with a wire and when you mix the two, back court again on the stove and continue stirring with a wooden paddle. So should not have any problems! Good luck from me! :)

makes sense, thanks for the tips! :) So I'll do it next time.

Nice cake, very light and pleasant. I replaced the eclairs with croissants.

Yesterday I made it again, but not with eclairs and clippings from crust. Stir everything and put in a bowl. Very good result. With pastry is also great.

A great light and delicious cake :)

I made her about tomorrow's first day of school! Borrowing decoration, but today my fantasy sleep :( Tomorrow I will share that will appeal to our taste.

Villas, great picture (as always) :) What is your cream, which is at the top of the cake?

Chocolate Ghana: cream, milk chocolate and butter :)

Really dream! Goes to favorites.

I am happy :)

Hello, I want to ask in svetanoviya cream Villas what it is brown, cocoa you?

Thank you for your response. I really like the chocolate éclair cake on Sunday. Will try for sure. :)

The cake is amazing! The combination of creams is very good! I made a thicker chocolate base, halve it and I placed between the two parts cream eclairs and cream. / Image is clearly visible / Marshes lightly sweetened syrup with milk and a little cognac. And since I came cream cream for the filling, I made a little vanilla cream to rub the whole cake outside. The next day I made the decoration of fruit, gelatin and pistachio. Became very big cake and the cake! :)