Eggs Harmony in chaos

Submitted by enr on 23 Jul 2009
sunflower oil spreads
Eggs Harmony in chaos
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Cut oil fthe large squares (at least 20x20 cm) according to the number of eggs. Each square is brushed with sunflower oil and put on glass. It becomes a basket. Carefully break the egg and placed inside. Salt. The ends of fthe oil is collected and tied with thread as bundles. Thus prepared, all placed in boiling water. Boil for 15 minutes, remove with a slotted spoon and when slightly cool develop. Top can decorate with sausage, vegetables or served with podlucheno yogurt. * My advice is to make larger squares because they are easy to handle and there is no danger to come from egg white fthe oil. I do not use thread and ends just twisted them. I used salt instead of vegeta - why are patterned top.
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23 Jul 2009
Labreks / BG Mom


Interesting idea, Reni! To favorites already.

Oh this is great. But instead of water you can be constipation in the oven?

Bravo, Reni! Will add the recipe to Favorites. Great idea.

Baths, do not know! If you try and then shared with us! I think in water become easier and faster!

Wow, very nice idea, thanks Reni! But if constipation that will not stick to the foil Baths? Interesting and original! Well done.

And I very much like the name of eggs! If you turn in the film put the sausage and herbs Sigourney would be great! Will try soon!

I think if constipation eggs will not be so curly and fluffy and the effect will be the same.

mimsi h and it was thinking about sausage. I will try today. But why is outside the film? Maybe in the cup inside is what will be easy. / Still depends cup December /. It now comes to my mind of another. If the film is in the cup and line up side from below the bottom of ham or bacon, and then to knock them in the egg and browned ... must try :) Definitely very interesting is spectacular :)

Original, bravo Reni! Goes immediately to Favorites!

The recipe is very Superski, tonight will be presented to guests with her!

might make you girls never thought could really stick in the oven. But until you try you can not know.

Very interesting idea! Thank you!

Reni again include an original recipe. Bravo!

Girls, I'm glad you liked the recipe. I also liked it (from BGmama) and shared it with you. Villas, I'm glad that they meet here!

very interesting eggs! Bravo!

I tonight were done. I forgot to put the spice, but next time. And another thing, if you have aluminum foil-going and transparent. I do it with such a rule. It is a large square, tying and sticks to the end of the pan. Worth, beautifully!

Vesi, I'm glad that you liked eggs! There are many nice pictures you!

I put a piece of cheese and tomato, sprinkled with colored salt. Will definitely make them again!

Mimsi, under the egg you put them? Give more info!

Bravo Rennie, great and original recipe ,.

I posolih and put pieces of hot pepper and pepper circle. Falsified with savory red pepper and black pepper.

That' have eggs Panagyurski samoche be made easier. Panagyurishte directly put into the water without foil, but these seem to me well, I give them a try :)

Today it was lunch. Little play with the removal of the film, but maybe a little've greased. The next time will be corrected :)