Cream caramel croissant

Submitted by enr on 16 Oct 2008
1 liter of fresh milk
6 eggs
2 cup sugar
4 croissants
Cream caramel croissant
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Beat eggs with sugar, add the cooled milk. 1/2 cup sugar is caramelized in the pan in which you will bake cream. Croissants must first be removed from the packaging and allowed to poizsahnat then cut into thicker slices and arrange on caramel. Pour in milk mixture and bake in a well-heated oven in a water bath.
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16 Oct 2008


Very tasty dessert!

This dessert do it often. Years ago, when there was no croissants I did with those beautiful Viennese buns, which unfortunately no longer be sold.

Fast and delicious! Super easy! I do not bake in a water bath. And I missed Viennese muffins ...

I'll try it, it is very tasty in May ...

this is one of my favorite desserts

dessert is really super! Very quickly prepared and all home like it a lot!

It is really delicious. Happens with cake.

Very, very tasty. Bravo!

If I want to add my version. In teflon cake pan pour the walls with caramelized sugar and immediately stick 3-4 croissant. Then already glued muffins are flooded with cream caramel mixture and wait 5 minutes and then in the oven in a water bath. and after cool turns into a baking pan. Cut like cake and the season can be topped with ice cream ball or florets with pastry cream and a nice juice. :)

is really nice and original. I own rules Hristov variants becomes great. Well done.

The good thing is that it makes as croissants and dry cake, muffins and other such. In the case where I put pictures cut dry bakery products in two colors. As the effect and taste are wonderful. If you decide to do with croissants instead purposes can squeeze them again RESULTS is good.

2 Days Ago daughter do something similar with backward cake. He cut it in slices, ordered it in a baking dish and flooded with milk mixture. Bake it in the oven / no water bath /. Became a sumptuous dessert.

What's my assessment does not come out - very good.

Very tasty and easy to prepare

almost the weekly do this dessert and I would say ,, quick, easy, delicious

today that created the luxury, is a favorite of my family!

this is my favorite dessert families sign. bravo

Izvinyaeam for the stupid question, but is it easy to pull from the baking pan? I mean you do not stick to croissants for her?

after removing them from the oven, let it cool, then obarni the baking pan in which it will serve. easy.

I put great croissants beэ to slice them, put 2 and vanillin in the mixture. Bake cake in the shape of Beverly Hills. I'll put a picture :)

my other 3 panetoneta a new year and I did it with panetone with raisins and peel portokalavi. became super and prepares for five minutes

I also did it with panetone but chocolate. Favorite dessert my son.

MMM deliciously my get-BRAVO!

Some time ago I learned the option to add croissants and other pastries and did not believe that it is so tasty ... I am glad that he has the recipe to enable others like me - ignorant to learn ... Will upload photos. I also do it in the form of cake with large croissants or mini ... But when the time comes to cakes and they will try. Once again well done.

This recipe is very successful and impressive. I've Kodrit and Kadir, but blat like how it works. With croissants it with a light and pleasant taste. :)

Many vkusnooo! The difference is that I put vanilla and be ready when turn it over.

It was superb, quite easily. My only concern was whether it would be removed from the baking pan, but after the cold without problem out. Well done.

now make it super eat is navednsh

Girls of how many degrees you bake?

Li4no I bake 180, but watch the water in the baking pan does not boil.

Hello this yummy caramel can be made in the form of cake with mini kroasancheta it gorgeous.

How long bake?

Hello Alincheto88, depending on the stove which will bake for about 30-40 minutes at 180-200 grams. And after it's done evident slightly off the wall of the form.

And we make this dessert at home is great! :)

I love custard! :)

this cake did and it was great

recipe in the picture is less products of the recipe, which is a

Hello everyone. I also know of a child recipe from my mother .. and soon even I did to my friend, only the court which will bake initially put sugar and butter and caramelized and put croissants or the cake which also bake before you pour the mixture to be borne by masaltseto and caramel and to put flavor in the sauce .. and also add vanilla as I saw that most do so ... it really superb ..

One wonderful cake, delicious and easy to make.

Great dessert! Rarely do custards without croissants :) I've never looked back since I can stick them on caramelised sugar (thanks, hristov99999) and I always resurface. Now were in place :)

cake becomes interesting. I do it with other Easter dry cakes. Will try and croissants. Even here, where I live there is a large package small kroasancheta.

Great! :) This time is no caramelised sugar.

swept over him with chocolate (at the insistence of my son). Well ... taste is not like custard, but ate with great pleasure :)

E Rennie first glance and realized who is picture is great ...

Thank you, flowers :) Today colleagues celebrated the occasion with creme caramel (I filled it exactly that way-with chocolate and currant) and received many compliments :) :)

Very tasty and easy cake!