Mess with cheese

Submitted by enr on 21 Sep 2008
4 tbsp flour
5-6 tbsp sunflower oil
1 cup feta cheese
Mess with cheese
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Flour fry in the oil until golden. Diluted with hot water and leave to simmer 10-12 minutes. Was added crushed feta cheese and mix. If necessary add salt. Simmer for 4-5 minutes. Serve each portion watered top with 1 tsp butter, fried with a little paprika.
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21 Sep 2008


I do make this mess, but without paprika.

Many years ago my father made this mess. I was young and first time I tried it with a grain / know your porridge with chicken /, but I liked it. Of course, that may without paprika. A can be sprinkled with pepper.

Reni55 see you did mess up how much water put down. Long ago I made the children, but I put more water and it was a little watery, but now I do it again.

Maleee, since when I have not eaten such a mess ...

And I put a little crushed garlic.

SweetyPie, slightly chilled fried flour dilute it with cold water to become rare as a batter and mix with a hand blender (not electric), until thickened.

Reni55 thanks for the reply.

mess I'm doing it with milk instead of water.

and I do like reni55, child adores her.

My grandmother made it! Many thanks for the recipe.

Darius, I'm glad that you liked your porridge.

I do this mess of children but put little chubrichka for aroma and taste.

This mess much I love her a small, but my mother learned to make a meal, not with flour, and finally lifts it fake pepper, not red. Thus it is very tasty, try meal!

I have not done a meal that does not prevent a try :)

tried-mash recipe became great: P

Petya, I'm glad that you made a mess and you liked!

This porridge love her very much at home. I might do with milk instead of water and add two broken yolk becomes very tasty.

Milencha with milk and yolks becomes even more delicious. :) I wrote it down in the original version that was done at home.

Thank you for the great recipe next time I will do a double dose that my cannibals would lick and pan.

marche, as cannibals and this recipe is liked, it is only in its plus! :) I'm glad you liked the!