Fondant modeling figurines

Submitted by enr on 15 Dec 2008
1 tbsp gelatin
4 cup sifted powdered sugar
1/2 cup starch - best corn
pinch of tartaric acid - can without it
confectionery paint
Fondant modeling figurines
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Gelatine is put in 1/3 cup water to swell for approximately 5 minutes, then heated on a hot plate - the melt. In a bowl, mix sieved powdered sugar, starch, and optional tartaric acid. Reference is well, in which the pour slightly cooled gelatine and kneaded well. If dough is dry - a few drops of water if the sticky - more powdered sugar. When mixtures good hands smeared with a little butter and forming roll (easier for further preparation). It is better to turn twice transparent, household foil and put in a well-sealable box. So rest for about an hour and can now work - dry pretty quickly, but it is good if you make more sophisticated ornaments, be prepared a day or two before it to dry well. Fondant can be maintained in the way described above about 1 week in the refrigerator, while taking out his if hard can run for a few seconds in the microwave.
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15 Dec 2008
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Very interesting, but how to make roses example?

Roses are cut with a cup rank is 5-6 rings and rolled like a rose!

This fund is suitable for you fully cover the cake / both professionally prepared cakes / or becomes just figures?

mess it sugar fondant, but did not explain how they achieve this snow white tsvat?

I can not believe how quickly get the desired effect. This recipe is top. Place it ties directly to Favorites.

Really quick drying, barely I managed to do something, but really keep cool, just experience. You can see what my creation here: Бисквитена Cake Go .
Then I'll do something special for this recipe and add a photo.

Hello!Today I made fondant.AMAZING quickly became !!!I just want to say that the starches of *Bioset* bring color of fondant !!!They are as corn and raspberry turns pink, lemon yellow and so .......:) I made my pink fondant.Thanks for the nice recipe !!!

Many beautiful flowers, well done.

Thanks! But I still I think that it should become as: (I now have and cutter daisies and is now easier :)

no such thing, only you think so, your flowers are gorgeous, as if alive, are so well sculpted. Congratulations, very beautiful indeed.

Thank you very much! I am glad that you like!

Is it for complete coverage of cake?

should, be done

by making figures, should be lubricated with something to not be crushed dry, and how zakrepvav on the cake, which is also covered with fondant?

How the dye? Can be used to paint eggs - right? It is also safe?!?

You can paint the pastry with paints or dyes eggs. Me at my be obtained in those capsules. Good luck!

recipe I obtained from the first (and I've never had such a dough). I did in January without tartaric acid, I have not found, but became so wonderful. Will upload photos then :) Not bad for a beginner, I hope :)

Hello! I want to ask can you do with a syringe figures?

great recipe :)

Very well get right the first time :) only have experience in the modeling of the figures.

I am very pleased with the recipe! Each time gets! Thank you!