Submitted by enr on 29 Mar 2011
500 g minced meat
500 g potatoes
1 large onion
1 egg
olive oil or sunflower oil
spices of your choice, salt
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Peel the potatoes and grate finely grater. Squeeze well and add to the minced meat. Add grated onion, egg, and amendments if necessary - salt. The mixture was kneaded well to form meatballs, rolled in breadcrumbs and arrange in greased pan. Top evenly pour a thin stream of oil. Bake in preheated oven at 200 degrees. Served with Seasonal salad or pickles. * The original recipe is minced meat beef.
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29 Mar 2011


Great performance! Most like that bake! Already in favorites to waiting in line. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

I loved the recipe and the picture is great! And I liked that not fry! Goes to Favorites!

What appetizing picture. Great recipe. Tomorrow I will try.

Wow, iglezhda great!

Nice recipe and beautiful picture! How long bake at such a high temperature? (Breadcrumbs missing in the list of products;)

And to me it sounds delicious. For now saved in Favorites and then fasting will take the recipe. Image is very appetizing.

Very delicious is received. Be liked. Put and evaluation. Picture there is not so nice, but first pryabva it down. Adding that guests are very suitable. Do and earn. For garnish goes almost everything. I served with green salad and baked potatoes.

I'm glad you like the recipe. We also liked a lot, so I decided to share it. voda, thank you for your remarks. Wouldnt look around before released recipes, but mistakes happen. Added breadcrumbs. The temperature in the original recipe is referred to 250 degrees. In gas stove bake 200 degrees, 30-40 minutes. Depends on the stove, I wrote another time.

Many were delicious and us. Thanks again for the recipe!

Wonderful recipe again and uniquely beautiful picture. Ina Bravo! Logged favorite-best liked and I did not fry.

I did them and they were gorgeous. Thanks for shared recipe! Already Bookmark

Wonderful recipe, really became very delicious children dogged them :) Thanks!

I am very glad that you like. Your photos are great!

Rules I have this recipe many times, but not crush the potatoes. Now I'll spare frying, baking is healthier.

akva7, is not there a rare minced meat, if they are not squeezed potatoes and not make it more difficult shaping them?

and I add flour (bread crumbs) in the mixture. I read somewhere that you can put mashed potato flakes, but I have not yet tried. And you tried with boiled potatoes crushed with press? I've done, but fried as you knead minced meat with potatoes in a known way.

For now I have rules as described in the recipe way, but I like experiments, so I'll try and your proposals.

Thanks to Tilia for the wonderful recipe. Freshly prepared and they are extremely delicious, but because of my stay I took that izparzhih minced meatballs, they were great .. Put a picture and of course the recipe goes to Favorites.

Mariana, I'm glad that you liked the recipe. Minced meat can be shaped and meatballs and fry as done. Which, as it is delicious.

I made them today for dinner. Very tasty and became to me. Potatoes lend a softness of minced meat. I expected that there will not be much of a difference between frikadelite traditional meatballs, but it was there and put a *plus* in favor of frikadelite. I used mixed minced meat (beef, pork). Thank tillia for shared recipe for appetizing photos :)

Elti, and you have received juicy and tasty. You can tell the photo!

Wonderful work! I used mixed minced meat!

Bravor Desi! Very appetizing look!

Come and I can subscribe here ... Still waiting for that to arrange the dishes and take a photo as your order is, but apparently will not get there soon. Four times a mix already. And four times as fry meatballs. Absolutely all agree that more delicious meatballs just gone. The first time I did something on May squeeze the potatoes well and need to add something. I put the meal. When I returned, my son and his friends were just fried them ... So at each time. When I can run recipe whole, will get a picture.

Thanks for the recipe: * became very tasty. Only one flaw had forgot to put in breadcrumbs mixture :( otherwise perfect for guests. Retsertata even gave a few friends and they loved it!

The last time I made them as akva7 - without the potatoes and squeeze again became very well. May depend on potatoes - there are varieties in planing put more juice. Raleigh, Tatiana - I am happy that you liked. Rally - try them izpechesh and see the difference; Tatiana - in breadcrumbs mixture will only be rolled in it.

but my Inche *Frikadeli* inside crumble if they lacked neshto and thought that this need not breadcrumbs'm new in this fields and learn;), and perhaps of minced meat have been! Again, thank you for the recipe: *

Tania, do not worry, we all learn! How many times of old recipes, I screwed up! It happened to me a new recipe the first time not to get in, but time and again to be perfect. It is commendable that you are interested, do your best and try!

This is not to give up on what pulls us and every time we had to try something new! :)

delicious and very easy recipe. I made them with lard instead of oil and was great. tried and fried them-again delicious :)

are currently in the oven, but the mixture was my very liquid and igava do not know if it would work! Pre-pressed potatoes, but can be minced meat was nasty! Then I'll write about the result!

Arise, ate them, but personally I do not liked very much! As I wrote last night, maybe minced meat, which used to was bad, because the mixture became quite sloppy!

SiMa_, I guess you did not mince is good, with many supplements that put or not squeezing the potatoes well.

Super. Amazing dish. Congratulations:-)

Beautiful retsepra received is ideal dish itself is very presentable!

piavichkata_90, Vesi -Thanks! I'm glad when I shared recipes like and other people!

I have been just cooked some such, and became great. First do them and I am quite pleased. Thanks for the recipe! I Paiute them little more than an hour because I love a toast. Next time I make them think I put a little pickles in the mixture. I want to ask is there an easier way to squeeze the potatoes. I'm not a regular cook and am not very familiar. I squeezing a handful of them in a handful.

kiso, crush the potatoes by hand. Cant court in which grated and press firmly to the wall. They are not much more, and should not hinder you. I pondered over the question - put in cheesecloth or several layers of cheesecloth and squeezed them.

I leaned court and tried to squeeze them, but I did not like the outcome. The idea with the cloth or gauze sounds pretty good. Will definitely facilitate and improve pressing potatoes. Thanks for the advice and again thank you for the recipe. Soon I will have guests and intend to enchant :).

I want one more time to say that the recipe is superb. Very tasty, very easy and very quick recipe! Tillia, thank you! Photo not stay :)

Ive, the important thing is that it was so easy to prepare and the more that you have been delicious!

Wonderful, delicious and easy recipe!

Reni, I'm glad is the dish you like. Thank you for the photos uploaded, and Nela and Orris. Each in its own way has made arrangement and gave his idea!

I want to ask you the potatoes can be cooked in advance?

alin4eto88, I have not tried with boiled potatoes.

I think it will change the taste of frikadelite. It is easier with harsh, grating and blending.

I made them with boiled potatoes. Were very tasty and fluffy!

Nela what you mean by *boiled potatoes*?I am glad that is received well, just answer and alin4eto88.

tillia, I mean potatoes are not razvareni but tvardichki to grind easier! I can not make a comparison because I'm not doing them with raw potatoes and taste may be different, but so delicious!

become very delicious, next time I will try to fry like meatballs. :)