Home accurate banitsa

Submitted by enr on 05 Nov 2011
1 kg of flour
egg 1
1 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tbsp vinegar
400 ml milk or water
1 package dry yeast (or as needed for 1 kg of flour, according to the description of the pack )
# For the filling:
400 ml yogurt
6 eggs
500 g feta cheese
75 g butter
Home accurate banitsa
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Involved dough, which is divided into 6-7 balls. Leave to rest for about 30 minutes. Each ball is rolled out with a rolling pin into a thin crust. On sheet brushed the butter and place of cheesy stuffing. Wound on a roll and shouting in the pan greased with a little sunflower oil. Kagan tray is full, the top put a little butter. Bake at about 180 C. When out of the oven finished banitsa sprayed with drops (less) water and turn in the towel for 5-10 minutes to choke. * I left it a second time to rise, make it began to roll out after the first rising.
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05 Nov 2011


hello friend, again creations - you wonderful pastry

ooo zdr EMI and creations I like you when I have time

how yeast is placed and what it is dry or fresh

rise for a second time

dry yeast 10 g package is, I have not left it to rise for the second time, made it began to roll out

It is wonderful! Bravo! I changed the filling and shaping the way!

is the form it does not matter to him how anyone who likes stuffing also taste

I used natural yeast 47 g. I divided the dough into 4 and so I got thicker rings: D

giving an very good :)

Banitsa was gorgeous! Since I can not throw very thin sheets changed slightly technology - the dough divided on 9 balls. Each ball raztochih diameter 20cm. 3 sheets put one over the other, and between them whitened satisfied with melted butter. Then raztochih maximum fine (according to my skills) crust, put the filling and again melted butter. From 9 balls, got 3 sheets. Let rise before baking. The result fascinates me (and only me)! Many thanks for the recipe!

I am glad that this pie is reaping success, such pie eat a lifetime, and I will teach my children and grandchildren to do when you grow old.

This pie is just like me, because without it I can not grind to a clear skin ... It was perfect, everyone loved it!

bravo I'm glad that you liked

This time I did much better. This recipe is great!

Yes hem hem is easy and delicious

Domestic accurate pie is great. I held her and became unbelievable.

thank you! :) Amazing happened pie .. I have not believed that I could do something :)

and as I made it for the first time were surprised by the outcome, I'm glad that you liked the pie.

vinegar in batter you put it

vinegar put in the flour and knead so

Thank you for the recipe, my mother such rules pie. So far everything is going well. Nice and sunny day ..

I hope you liked it then, good day to you

became top pie ... Thanks ...

great and very tasty recipe (fast, easy, delicious)

can be made with apples and walnuts with cheese instead of

yes of course, already filling is optional and taste

It was good, except that I did not with thin sheet.

thin crusts and I sometimes I do not get

Nice recipe but why put different pictures of cakes and not one that is itself a recipe made !?

cat interesting question that I have not thought about, I sometimes saw a picture and I liked how it looks and try a recipe and then understand that this picture that I saw is another recipe. Maybe pictures are recipes like this that I'm given, or simply used this recipe but changed little, here's how marcheto82 asks me if he can with apples, so it is little changed kind and it looks like another recipe. Your photos for which you have exactly in mind.

= In principle speak Petya. I made the pie and it was the same as the photo №12, but really would be nice to put photos of recipes that now someone has done, because there are recipes with pictures that are store-bought example. A pie became perfect. At least my beloved liked it a lot. Well, I managed to hapmna few minutes to feel and taste :)

In general, the first pictures of this recipe for my, I even climbed two pies that I became different in appearance and taste even that of the second, and I was already caught more hang. But on kupechkite to put here really made a little not right.

kat, then just generally, not specifically here? If there is a problem with a picture is best to write it to the recipe or to contact me personally so I can fix it, comments on the recipes are not for general complaints (this can be done in the forum). Photos of purchased finished food is there, I not, most are for illustration of the outcome.

banichka became great and the look and taste of ... bravo bravo author ... and me! :)

good for you of course that you overcame that you liked

Great pie became ka4ih and I picture to show 4f worth to try to put purzhi to4a and definitely not my last! Thank you

Recently thing I lit a precise pies, this is from last night (with green stuffing). There's more to be desired, will slowly gain experience :) :) :) Thanks from me for the recipe!

Pepi, wonderful picture! :) You will become a master at grinding, again enjoyed your family! ;) Very appetizing drove them! :)

cordially thank Bobby, as always very nice! The family is satisfied, I twice already :)

Wonderful pie! And I made small patties (all wanted different fillings) :) Petya, thanks for shared recipe!

small patties even better, I'm glad you liked it, it was the easiest pie which taught me