Biscuit layered cake with cream starch

Submitted by enr on 15 Feb 2009
1 liter of fresh milk
400 g obinoveni biscuits
60 g strawberry or raspberry starch
150 g of sugar or to taste
colored sticks
200 g ground walnuts optional
Biscuit layered cake with cream starch
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Fresh milk put preheated stove to boil with sugar. The starch is dissolved in a little warm water and then added to the milk and stirred until thickening. In a baking dish arrange a base of plain biscuits and top pour starch, then again and again biscuits starch. Sprinkle with colored sticks for decoration of your choice. You can decorate with crushed walnuts. The finished cake is allowed to stand for an hour in a refrigerator to set.
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15 Feb 2009


on layers of cream sprinkled with coarsely chopped nuts and granular cocoa. In the middle layer and covered with jam. Top and sides decked with dry cream cream and chocolate sticks.

I've never had any cake biscuits! This is now your second recipe that makes me me priyadat much ... Except for biscuits must travel to shop with baby food, it is just there.

I do not know what cookies you there, but you can do with any. Ordinary tea, type *Breakfast* and so on.. If you do not oblong - round, round in shape. A cream is a simple milk cream with starch of choice. Between the layers you can put sweet fruit - such as banana, chocolate. You can decorate the top with sour cream. Or chocolate. At all - a matter of fantasy and products that have now at hand.

Are you very wet biscuit? If I can use American cookies, chocolate chip? But if they become very wet, will not become a mess? Because I except ordinary Bulgarian, these US and some other bodily covered with chocolate, no I do not like.

Rally, do not soak them. By covering with cream, they absorb moisture from it. Well try - do a little cream in a cup or bowl to make mini cakes / here's one of my proposal - [url = http: // www. receptite. com / recepta. php? r = 6386] biscuit dessert with milk cream Chrissy [/ url] /. This will navigate to what cookies can make it. And in the small cartion, not sweet, not discarded! Hee, hee, hee ...!

but only to ask, sugar not you put the milk?

Ina, my dear, I've wondered wrong ... I meant, whether cookies are very moist as stand made. Just that is generally very juicy cake or biscuits remain crisp.

Vanya in milk put sugar / guess Tatiana forgot to write the recipe, and I happen /. 1 liter of milk put 5-6 tablespoons full. But you can put more and less - depending on how sweet you like.

Rally, biscuits irrigated, not crispy. Even as a stand longer becomes nice / if any wait! /

Tilia putting the sugar I put 5 in. L puts each as He wills. I suggest two options or wet biscuits in a little warm water before putting them in the pan or izlozlvate needle with which to jab cookies to be able to take the starch. Aech made as judge.

This is my favorite cake, which I do with udovolstive almost every week.

I dunk biscuits in warm milk and thus arrange them in the pan ... the cake becomes super mekichka and delicious :)

can be syrupy biscuits and compote

great recipe

This is a favorite dessert of my husband! The cake is very tasty and easy. And tolerate quite improvisations, so every time the taste is different. I sometimes put walnuts, and my mother did before her putting as Ina and sweet. Last time I put bananas and kiwi. A cookie dunk them for second in milk or coffee.

I will join and I to praise for this delicious and quick biscuit cake ... great dessert

Desi, congratulations on the presented wonderful cake!

Desi and my congratulations for the beautiful picture, this dessert I have not done it since '30 will take to sets up and I a Pastry.

Easy and quick cake. Not as demanding another cakes, where each weight is important. And of course, you can experiment by vsyakyakav way! This time I made it with ordinary cocoa and biscuits for more color.

In the coming hot days, one such well chilled dessert as we come to order! Classic!

I enjoy, starch vanilla and chocolate biscuits dipped them in Домашно Limonchello Palermo , at the top covered with whipped cream and covered with kisses.

Yesterday we made with strawberry and cream starch (pudding, but because no biscuits here, we put oil (Butterkekse). Became very light and tasty. 3 hours was tight and biscuits were made from cream. Perhaps because they are thin, but they were perfect. The recipe is easy, bravo!

Very tasty cake get the idea bravo!

I made it with two types of starch (more precisely pudding) -yagoda and vanilla. Biscuits shattered, confused with oil and put between starches (them gelling them). Wonderful, light and delicious cakes!

Now with starch and chocolate biscuit cake. Top sprinkled with crushed crackers. Love is my men :)

Vkusotiika. At Scola time I will make it.

Pastry is quick, easy and very very tasty!

Classics! Very respectable dessert the whole family!

Always delicious and always successful :)

This delicious cake is cooked at home often, but this time I decided alone to prepare biscuits recipe of elit093 and became once again irresistibly delicious!

As is written that is tested recipe is worth is spelled correctly, it means that the necessary products are displayed in the case -zahar-, and if he does not know how to do better not to give advice.

Great cake, which I do often. Tolerate many improvisations, fast and very tasty. My favorite combination is biscuits *Breakfast* with cocoa, starch and strawberry on top sprinkled with grated milk or white chocolate. Always put 50-60 grams of butter in already finished cream. Now I made with starch vanilla and cocoa biscuits. Put and homemade strawberry jam over each layer of biscuits. Sprinkled it off with coconut. Can not wait to toughen!

In the season of strawberries get a lot of light and fresh cake :) The first layer is starch, vanilla, and the second - with cream Ole Dr. Oetker. And plenty of fresh strawberries between each layer.

Quick, easy and delicious!

tatiana, Why do not you write the most important ingredient? In this recipe LACK OF SUGAR! Write that need to add sugar to the milk! I made the cake right in your recipe and then had to throw it out because it was *very nice* ... could become one if there SUGAR January it!

Yes, it is true that sugar is omitted in the list of ingredients, any starch is cooked with milk sweetened to taste. Writes it on the packaging. Nikita starch is not sweet enough in itself.

Monsieur Rene is right. Failure is not only Tatiana, and all of us where we prepared a recipe. Pity about the products and disappointment :( I would be glad if this failure does not give up the recipe and naviesh to try again with sugar - at least now you know how it :)

added sugar in products and preparation, it is important to have all the ingredients, even obvious, do not become similar errors. I'm sorry that you received so. Otherwise, I would not discarded cake - cut into pieces and sprinkle each piece with plenty of icing sugar can podnesesh with jam, honey or sweet sauce flavored starch suitable for what you use. You can make some starch or another cream to put a little more sugar than needed and tighten to put the cake, cut into small pieces and stir the inside - cream with pieces of cake. May not be suitable for guests, but you can get delicious homemade dessert and not wasting products.

And I make this cake with pudding ready inside has enough sugar, at least on each package has its write instructions whether to add sugar if pure starch. Seeing is why omission of all, my grandson was in '10, and he makes this cake is so easy and simple recipe. : D

Easy and delicious! :) I make it in quite often at home. I do not take almost no time. Crushed biscuits in the pan with the prepared cream lick and stir. Lazy, but it saves time! ;)

I added in the starch and gelatin made cake in a salad bowl, as a pre-buckthorn inside of the bowl with foil receives is wonderful dome, and I got shot.