Home fillet Elena

Submitted by enr on 27 Nov 2011
pork or beef sirloin, tenderloin
1 kg sea salt
pepper, red pepper, savory, oregano (optional)
20-50 ml vinegar
water (enough to cover the meat)
Home fillet Elena
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Sirloin, tenderloin, cleaned of fat and well aligned. Put them in a bowl and add salt thoroughly, cover generously with salt. Behaved so 24 hours. then washed and put in an hour and a half hours in water with vinegar to cover the meat. then washed and placed in a well ventilated. After one hour smeared with plenty of crushed garlic. Mix pepper, red pepper and savory (and other spices if you like) in a bag (the ratio is to taste) and shaking to mix good. Then poured on newspaper and pieces of meat Oval in spices, then Shake to drop unnecessary. Make a hole in the fillet and pass a string through it, then hang in a well ventilated and safe (from cats and other animals) place. After 1-2 weeks ready (depending on how soft you like them). Once downloaded put in bags and stored in the freezer. Taken out of the freezer 15-20 minutes before consumption.
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27 Nov 2011


passes to favorites nice appetizer!

salt can be a stone not play a role. What proportion of the water and vinegar?

It will be very pleased in floor plans - will try it

in sprinkling with pepper puts you back salt

them Otep in spices do not put salt because it is getting enough

vinegar bellow above 20-50 ml and water to cover meat

I'm sorry I was not poyasnilveche I edit

Of all the *green* salads this is the best!

do not you at least 24 hours

not not least because I even keep them 12 hours to not become very salty, and again become perfect!

I do not think it is appropriate to be frozen in the freezer. It is better to be stored at 2 degrees in the refrigerator in a film.