Honey Dandelion

Submitted by enr on 08 Aug 2010
200 flowers of dandelion
1 lemon
1 kg of sugar
1 tbsp vinegar
Honey Dandelion
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1 lemon, sliced, pour 1 liter of boiling water and add the flowers of dandelions. Stand 7-8 hours, strain and put to boil with 1 kg of sugar. Boil until the desired consistency. Add 1 tbsp vinegar, pour into jars and boil.
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08 Aug 2010


is used for any desserts. Maybe instead of copper. :)

Every year I make this honey. Got her recipe in the book of Maria Treben *Health of pharmacy of the Lord.* When I first ate this honey was it made my mother did not believe that it is gluharcheta- was so fragrant and aromatic, like a real forest honey. The recipe is a little different: put 1/2 lemon, because it is all very much for this level if sprayed must be peeled sheet. Insert and raw sugar, I do it with brown. Boil uncovered, over very low heat to preserve vitamins, so the liquid evaporates without boiling. The syrup left one - two times to cool, to establish its consistency should be like liquid honey-nor too thick, because as cool thicken or very rare, because after a while began to sour. Do not put vinegar, and not sterilized. Packed in dry jars and when cool completely capped, not condensation. Store in a cool, but did not last long time because it is great and quickly ends. Try and you will see. It is not only tasty but also very useful for liver, gall bladder, kidney zabolyavaniyaanemiya and whatnot. Bravo boji1234, that you wrote this great recipe!

Bravo interesting and healing recipe, but obviously will be doing next year, because dandelion pretsaftelite. Goes to favorites.

first hear and blooms already bet to see what happens :)

very much liked bet another dose. Since this recipe I got one kilogram. honey. No overreaction jars because not long zadarzhat morning as times go past them still try :) Thank you.

And I like Korneliq, exhale honey over low heat to keep the healing properties of dandelion (radical) without boiling. I had lemon and put 1/2 orange. Now only wait to see when it will thicken. If anyone knows what is the dosage regimen, let's write.

Honey is a natural antibiotic, allergies, inflammation of the throat, constipation, respiratory diseases in infants, bronchitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, colon, acts and astringent. Fasting morning and before bedtime can be dissolved in water or tea. Dandelion are picked early in the morning before the dew and then from places far from roads. For me thickened 10 hours of placing the stove 1 of 6 possible. Is amber color and has a unique taste. Put photos and visualization. 1 dose filled three small jars or around 900 ml.