Jam with cherries, Lets Fix and sweetener

Submitted by enr on 21 Jun 2013
1 kg cherries
25 g * Lets Fix Home canning *
Jam with cherries, Lets Fix and sweetener
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Cherries are washed, cleaned of stems and stones. The content of the package Lets Fix mixed with 3 tbsp sugar, added to fruit and mix well. The mixture is put to boil, from time to time stirring. Boil 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. With clean, dry slotted spoon robbery foam generated. Add sweetener to taste or corresponding to 500 g of sugar. Mix very well. The hot mixture is poured into a pre-washed, dried and warmed jars. Immediately sealed and turned for 15 minutes with lids down. Once completely cool stored in a cool, dark place.
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21 Jun 2013


Wonderful pictures, Ina! I confess to great inconvenience, I can not do sweet in the traditional way (or are very rare, or then can be removed from the jar :), so prepare them only in this way (only that with sugar). Furthermore Lets Fix, use and Gelfix Dr. Oetker. I am very pleased with these fixes sweetest's quick, thick as it should, with a beautiful color!

Thank you, Reni! And why a *nuisance*! :) I to this day have such blunders. Somewhere I shared - the first time I did jam cherry / well that was in baby jars! / Did so thick that he could in no way be taken out, and cast them :). Since then, I leave a little rare. It then compresses the jars. I've Gelfix and Dr. Oetker. True that is fast, easy, but somehow is not the flavor of the prepared in the traditional way. I used this way because of the sweetener. So - which as it is convenient. Right full choice! :)