Kozunak rare dough

Submitted by enr on 23 Mar 2010
1 kg of flour
4 cup milk
800 g sugar
1 cup butter
1 cup sunflower oil
2 eggs
pinch of salt
rind of 1/2 lemon
40 g yeast
10 g baking powder
Kozunak rare dough
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600 g of flour is mixed with almost half of the lukewarm milk to form a slurry. Prior to that milk is fuzzy yeast. Add 1 tbsp sugar and 1 pinch of salt. The prepared bakery yeast (Mayano dough) put it to rise in a warm place for about 1 hour. When the volume is doubled starts kneading. Sift the flour, add the beaten eggs, add sugar, pre-dissolved in the remaining warm milk and yeast leavened (Mayan dough), baking powder and lemon peel. The butter and the oil mix and melt in microwave or on low heat. Messi is about 20 minutes by immersing hands in fat - so the oil is pumped into the dough, and not used for omevaneto flour and the dough remains soft. Rise for about 2 hours in a warm place. The risen dough is divided forms and trays. Trays are filled to half. Rise for about 2 more hours in a warm. At first bake a strong oven 200 ° C and then dopichat moderate. * Prior to the back of each wick smeared with chocolate spread (generally used about 200 g).
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23 Mar 2010


interesting ... and what is the texture of the dough after you wrote it less? How often?

dough should be very relaxed. Formed only with heavily greased hands margarine and vegetable oil 1 to the 1.

Here is a recipe for brioche dough rare: 3-4 kg. flour, 1 liter of milk, 600 grams. sugar, 1 tea cup melted butter, yeast 4 cm. 4 cm. / sorry but I find it written in the recipe / a handful of raisins, salt, juice of one lemon.

For Zahra is so I have a scale at home, especially for flour sugar I measured them, but the glasses are really my big nesaobrazih. While the meat dough, let 100gradusa oven to warm up slightly, then turn it off.Cover dough and nice for about two hours has doubled its volume.Try to see that will have an effect.

I do not know a few days before I did, it was very sweet and delicious.And this recipe is from the School of catering.Every Easter cakes do this recipe and I receive.Everyone chooses though, I just wanted to share it :)

recipe corrected so you will try.And I love cakes in sweet little stiklyavi, as my grandmother would say.

The recipe is very good. I did it without sugar, liquid sweetener. Was very tasty.

naxos, Cozonac fluffy you going?

Pozdravlemiya naxos Cozonac looks super with this sweetener is a good idea :)

Well, girls, me first go much more flour than specified in the recipe, then bake Cozonac me very difficult and slow ... Maybe it had to do it ... otherwise thin tastes good :)

Yes Cozonac bake slowly in about two hours because sugars. First bake in a hot oven, and then almost all the time in moderate to not become soggy. And as to the flour depends on what you pozvala some with poor quality.

Obviously I enjoyed fucking flour ... In principle, these proportions are whether, as a mixture of waffle that neither becomes mixing or shaping. When you what consistency is obtained? Maybe if I keep this consistency Cozonac would bake better and become fluffy ... And furthermore, because of the long baking, the crust was too thick and hard - so you should be?

A very soft dough, but is shaped countertop or table where the form should be strong also greased hands (oil and oil kam1 1). Psle Cozonac somewhere to 1 1/2 hour bake at 150gradusa.

Kozunak fluffy, but with no specific sweetener flavor. Two twisted wick mnoooogo with greased hands, shallow I could not do the dough is *an idea* more densely than cakes, so I put in cake form. Peko him about an hour and 40 min. To 180C. After flushing put one of the original top of the oven baking pans, not overcooked. The crust became thick and hard, but eventually relented.

dough is very soft but working with oiled hands, you had to add a little more flour. I say a lot depends on the flour. But the picture looks very good :)

Yes, very greased hands and an oily surface. I'm not add flour, but I managed to usucha two wick. Looks good and fluffy and delicious, no time svashi.

is, from the appearance it brought ... but definitely the flour is not good, because inside Cozonac not white and dark, as if it was legal to type meal ... what meal you use?

Do I use Sofia-Mill (packaging is blue-white).

Thank you, Atlantida, will look for him. Otherwise, before you with flour raising agent and everything was ok, but now zshtao you decided to change ...

Really the cake becomes so much sugar in baked sense you better? Is there not soggy inside?

It does not become soggy if you bake properly! Beginning about 30 minutes and then 2001 1/2 hours at 150-180 ° C depends on the oven.