Layered cake * Green meadow *

Submitted by enr on 31 May 2013
# For the base:
4 eggs
2 cup sugar
3-4 vanilla
200 g blanched, well wrung orache
1 cup sunflower oil (I used 1/2 cup sunflower oil and 1/2 cup olive oil)
2 cup flour (250-260 g)
10 g baking powder
# For the cream:
450 g sour cream
250 g unsalted cottage cheese
5-6 tbsp sugar
10 g gelatin
60 g creamer
Layered cake * Green meadow *
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The leaves of salt bush (without handles) are washed well and scalded with boiling water for 1-2 minutes. Drain and immediately placed in cold water (to keep the green color) which is Changing the 1-2 times. Cool leaves drain and squeeze hard. You should get 200 g green mass. Cut into small pieces with a knife. Blend together with the oil in a food processor or blender. The eggs are broken down with sugar and vanilla. Add the puree, stir and gradually add the flour sifted with baking powder in advance. Not to be confused many, just to mix products. finished mixture is poured into a form with removable bottom 25 cm in diameter at me, covered with baking paper and wall greased with sunflower oil. Bake in preheated oven at 170-180C. Tries is ready with a dry wooden skewer. After baking, the shape is placed on the BBQ, to cool completely. With a sharp knife the base is separated from the wall of the form. cut horizontally into two parts. Of them (or that which is thicker) are crumbs break down at about a glass and a half. Please use the knife, which scraped on the cut surface of the bases. They are loose and is very fast. On the lower base spread half the cream. Place the upper base and on it spread the remaining half of cream mixed with shattered under instructions creamer, as smeared cake and sides. On top sprinkle with crumbs separated. Prepared as the third base. Optional them can stick cake and sides. Preparation of the cream: The cottage cheese mixed with sugar and stir with a blender until smooth mixture. Add sour cream and stir with a spoon. Not to be confused or very agitated because the mixture will liquefy. Put on the sweetness and, if necessary, adding more sugar. Gelatin pour a little cold water and after swell is melted in a water bath. Add to milk mixture. Again, stir with a spoon. With the finished cream filled cake. * The original cake is cooked with spinach. Online BG Mom mentioned that successfully used dock or nettle. * Can be used as blanched and frozen zeleniyka - the condition is well wrung and weights is not less than 200 g and finished. * The ingredients of the cream are different. Specified in the recipe are my interpretation. Can use different combinations: sour cream, cottage cheese, pastry cream, mascarpone, cream cheese, yogurt, Philadelphia, milk cream, with the addition of gelatin or without it, with the addition of fruits (eg. Strawberries) and so on. * The base can be baked in a form with different diameter (from 23-28 cm) and accordingly divided into 4, 3 or 2 parts. * You can not break down crumbs, but enjoy only the bases and cream. * Interesting color and flavor combinations are with bases made with carrots or pumpkin or chocolate base. * 1 cup = 200 ml
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31 May 2013


Looks great!

Thank you, John! And the taste is not inferior :)

Ina and how it taste? How it feels zelenisha?

Nevi, the taste of salt bush is not felt. At home I am a fan of zeleniykite, other eat, but not particularly relish:) I knew what will be reaction, especially grandson / even there and try it! / So / recognized sin! :) /, Said that the latter must have a green paint and pistachio! As soon as he returned from work and asked if still on the cake, for me it is a 100% sign that nothing is felt! In the comments to the original recipe, those which have made with spinach, nettle, dock, did not mention the special taste. The latter must be very soft, friable, could easily these products can only be made cake / without cream /.

It looks gorgeous!

Ina when Enable interpretations :) and I can make a suggestion in the recipe. What about salt option for the latter must clearly - will miss the sugar and add yogurt and for the pudding sour cream and grated cheese, chopped ... eeee pookapah be. Definitely will try! Your pictures are great and I think they have fueled my desire to roll up their sleeves :)

Ina, is amazing! Pepi and salt would be great! :)

Ina, the cake looks amazing! Really like the green lawn :) Home none (except me) not eating salt bush, but I can *do* like you - with pistachios and green paint :) :)

Rally, Villas, thank you! I am glad that you like cake! :)

iris, will gladly forward your salty version! :) I am glad that through the pictures they provoke to make it! :) Good luck!

Reni, necessarily a *pistachio and green paint!* :) :) :) What to do, sometimes you have to outwit, to try something new, unusual! :)

Ina, I had to do salty version :) Men I saw that strain salt bush (I could hide) :) and announced that the cake has to be salty (promised to eat). And kept their promise :) It was very tasty! I saw that there is a proposal for Orris salty version and began boldly to act ...:) miss Sugar swamps and added a cup of yogurt. Increased slightly and flour. Cream is the same as in the recipe (without sugar and creamer, naturally), only it posolih. It was a wonderful appetizer! And although I loved it, I promise you that it will do and sweet :) ( Picture 1 Picture 2 )

Rennie, great looks! :) Good for you!

Reni, bravo for *salty* offer! Will take advantage of it. Do you have a photo - Orris wrote *super looks,* but I do not see anything? :)

Ina, the cake looks great! :) Photos Reni them look at new pictures. Good Day! ;)

I put links to photos at the end of the comment renito.

Bobby, thank you! I am glad that you liked the cake! :) Nevi, thank you so becomes clearer! :)

Reni, is great! Straight drop recipe as a new recipe in appetizers, along with the photos! :)

Thank you, girls :) Ina, I'm glad you do not mind to let the recipe for salty version of the cake (though the idea is yours). First, however, have to do again because it measured the exact amount of flour added.

Rennie, of course, that you must get the recipe! The idea is not mine, I gave the source, everyone makes their own way. We would be delighted to see the salty version and to make it! :)

The cake is eaten to the last crumb! Today Philip's birthday and it was one of the treats. Since there is no salt bush, I decided it would be spinach. Yes, but two days have searched and not found fresh spinach. And today there was even frozen leaves. So I put 250 g frozen sleeping with cream. Only it thawed and mingled with oil, it is finely ground. I put flour with 2. L. More, removing excess moisture. Cake layer became air, but juicy. Cake is just great! Ina, thank you, dear, for the idea!

Rally, thank you for your trust my proposal this cake is one of the treats! Albeit belatedly - Happy Birthday Philip sincere wishes for health, happiness and good luck! The most common option is the cake with spinach, whether fresh or frozen. :)

I promised to make her and filled her promise :) Ina, is great! To me by mistake became a nettle :) (I have some in the freezer The green spinach and instead I pulled nettle). Cake is gorgeous, very tasty and very beautiful! I was able to surprise their husbands, and they are not easily impressed :) so loved the cake that not even asked how he became green :) I changed a little cream-not gelling, it added more cheese and became dense enough. Grated lemon peel and inside.

As always, great photos you've done, Reni! You alive and healthy birthday, due to surprise him with this cake! Greetings from us :)

Thanks, Pepi! Been meaning to do the cake. It is so different, beautiful and effective (and delicious), I decided to make it for a special occasion (birthday of my husband). Really managed to surprise him!

Reni great cake! Do you alive rozhdennika!

Thank you, Willie :)

Rennie, first congratulate, albeit belatedly birthday mate! Good health, happiness and wish him luck! And you - congratulations for the beautiful cake! Wonderful! I'm glad that her and diversified her prepared with nettles. Furthermore, I like that you did not put gelatin in the cream / lot we do not dolyubvame! / And will take your experience. Thank you try that recipe! :)

Thank you for the good wishes, Ina! Cake is fabulous and so I do it again. This time will be a pumpkin in the latter must (still autumn meadow and must be yellowed) :)

And pumpkin and carrots - it will still be interesting. :)

Ina, cake became magnificent and my father who does not like any The green, try it first (naturally without knowing how it is made) was delighted and said it was great :)

Villas, great photos upload! :) Spring mood. ;)

Thanks Bobby, just the onset of spring made the cake :)

Villas, congratulations for the fantastic cake! Very beautiful her decorations! Beautiful spring meadow! Thank you for your trust my proposal. :) Share what zeleniyka used the cream? To enrich the recipe! :)

Ina and I thank you for the recipe and greetings, I used frozen spinach and creamer packets 3, but I remained cream, and can reach 2 :)