Layered cake instruments Handy Manny

Submitted by enr on 23 Mar 2010
2 ready sponge the base
1 banana
1 kiwi
1 cream Paradies - Dr. Oetker
peach preserves
200 g chocolate
modeling dough
Layered cake instruments Handy Manny
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The bases are cut into pieces measuring 13h25 cm. Cream was prepared in the manner described on the package. The cream is mixed with 1-2 tbsp sugar. Fruits are cut into slices. The cake is assembled in the following way: one base is a syrupy juice compote (most easily done with a brush), smeared with cream, banana and kiwi row cream. Cover with the other base, is syrupy. Smeared with cream, fruit and whipped cream. On both sides using wooden skewers attach two pieces of other bases (13 cm length, 1 cm wide, 4 cm height), and the other two countries - size pieces 23h1h4 cm. Top put one long piece simulating handle of the tool box. Chocolate is melted and added to the remaining cream. Spread the cake. Before presenting decorated with tools.
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23 Mar 2010


tools how do? Or plastic toys? Congratulations to the original idea! My daughter if you see it will not leave me until you do ....:-)))

Thank you.The tools are made of marzipan modeling and colored with paint confectionery.

oh ... Hitch me there is no modeling: - (But then again congratulations;-)

Very nice, well exesweetd and cheerful.

i4eto3421-thank you very much :)

Your idea is very good. Bravo!