Layered cake Mens temptation

Submitted by enr on 03 Mar 2009
1 large package of biscuits with rum (500 g)
1 package cream Dr. Oetker chocolate
about 1 liter of fresh milk syrup
# For the cream:
200 ml pastry cream
200 g ready marzipan
brown paint confectionery
font or color glaze painting
Layered cake Mens temptation
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Into a suitable container pouring milk. Topi biscuits in milk and stack them in the tray, as you strive to resemble the shape of the body. By arranging the first line of biscotti them cream and stack again soaked in milk biscuits. Spread whipped cream and whole cake with her. Marzipan interfere with powdered sugar. Invest in paint mixing and spreading according to the size of the cake. Laying it and shape your body. Any excess is cut. When you're done with the body, paint it with color font.
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03 Mar 2009


It is very nice and safe and delicious!

tasty and quite primaliva cake! Applause!

Quite eroticism is in this cake. Can be said. Cake male temptation :)

I decided to hear thee, already male temptation! Thank you.