Layered cake Mojito

Submitted by enr on 17 May 2010
5 eggs
400 g brown sugar
150 g flour
50 g natural starch
1 tsp baking powder
700 ml cream
250 g cream cheese Philadelphia
2 links mint
8 limes (Limena , lime)
150 ml rum Havana Club
1 packet of fixative cream
10 sheets gelatin
Layered cake Mojito
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Base: Eggs are broken with 150 g of sugar for 7-8 minutes foam. Starch, baking powder and flour mix and add to the egg mixture. Mix and pour the mixture into a baking dish covered with baking paper. Bake in a preheated oven at 170-180 C 30-35 minutes, after which the oven switches off. The base leave for 5 minutes off the oven and then removed. Baking oven opens. Cool base was cut into three parts. Cream filling: Soak gelatin in cold water. 500 ml cream, stir, add the feta cheese Philadelphia and gently stir. A lemon and a few mint leaves leave for decoration. The remaining mint chop onion. Rind of 3 lemons grated finely. Seven lemon squeeze. 220 g of sugar, lemon juice, chopped mint and grated lemon peel mixed. Stir well and add to the cream mixture. The gelatin was melted in a water bath and added to the mixture, stirred, and allowed to cool. In a baking dish placed first base, pour half of the cream and smoothed. Placed second base, which is moist with half of the Roma (75 ml). Pour the remainder of the cream, smoothed and sets the third base. The cake is cooled to tightening cream. Remaining cream (200 ml) was stirred with a fastener. Well cooled cake top with remaining syrup rum (75 ml). The edge of the plate is removed and the cake Spread top and sides with shattered cream. Decorate with mint leaves and cut into thin slices of lemon. Cake cool before serving and sprinkle with the rest (30 g) sugar.
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17 May 2010


Bravo! Again something interesting :) to Favorites The name suits you, as an angel in the kitchen of May!

Bravo. Again amazing suggestions. You're like a goddess of sweet surprises. Very interesting recipe and enter into favorites.

I like to drink mojitos hot summer .. :) ..... and cake will prepare it with pleasure ... Emmy great recipe, thank you :)

Thank you girls for the nice words:-) I am neither an angel nor a goddess just love sweets:-)

I loved retseptaota. Bravo!

Again a great offer! Congratulations! And I really love to drink Mojito, and a piece of this wonderful temptation straight Ill added pleasure and enjoyment!