Layered cake * Napoleon * croissants

Submitted by enr on 26 Mar 2014
4-5 croissants stuffed optional, and can not (at about 80 g each)
800 ml milk
1 cup or more sugar - to taste
4 vanilla
3 large eggs
20 g butter
7 tbsp (overcrowded) flour
50-100 g jam jar to your liking (maybe without it)
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Layered cake * Napoleon * croissants
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First Prepare the cream. In a suitable container (small pot) put 600 ml milk and sugar and put on the stove. Beat the eggs with the remaining 200 ml milk and gradually add the flour and strive to get a smooth mixture with intimate meal - so the cream will not get lumpy. When the milk boils add the egg mixture to the stream and stirring - I use the phone, so the cream becomes smooth. When the cream has thickened remove from the fire and add the butter and vanilla, stirring until the butter is melted. We take a deep salad bowl and put it oblepyame transparent foil. Croissants cut lengthwise in half. Arrange croissants at the bottom of the bowl, pour the cream and top instillation sweet. So rotate until end products, resulting in the order croissants. Cover with foil and put in the refrigerator - should stand at least 12-13 hours to harden well. The finished cake turns into a flat pan and remove from the bowl carefully - formed dome. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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26 Mar 2014


It became clear to me exactly how you arrange the cake.

Red croissant, cream, sweet alternating and ending with croissants.

very light and delicious cake, vechra I worked on it for the birthday of my mate and all loved it

Stella and your recipe is it? I found her and another website, and you're not written source.

The cake is ready, but a picture of a piece of will there be?

recipe I took it from a friend.

This is a great recipe, but unfortunately here described rather vaguely. Cakes prepared by the original recipe and get great taste. Since I found no croissants with strawberry filling used (not that there was very filling :) sweet is also strawberries. Once the cake tightened overnight in the refrigerator sprayed (with fork and sprinkle Zagreb) with half chocolate + maaalko oil melted in a water bath.

gold, very beautiful cake you did, only I do not I have done but it will come and time. The picture is very nice greeting from me.

Thank steffanell :) Pastry is quick, easy and great taste, be sure to try :)

Gotcha little recipe is clear, and I put the exact source Trim name is in the rules - nothing at best or most subjective concepts :) Now if any of prepared and tell her how their storage capacity bowl would be just great. Say if there is anything left unclear.

I I worked on it yesterday. Instead I put sweet bananas. I think it is much easier to mix the flour with 20-30m. milk until it becomes mushy and then added to the mixture with the eggs. So surely there will be no lumps and will be much faster.

Thank xevi, so now I think everything is wrong with the recipe. I I made the cake in a metal bowl. I measured the diameter and 22 cm. (Clean hole) and accommodated just 1 5l liquid - I hope this is a landmark for those who decide to make sweets. I think each time to try a different jam, chocolate, and why not with fresh fruits such as peach. With strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries ... I think I'll get very very well, basic cream will keep in the original, very tasty. The recipe is great and allows improvisation.

The cake is very tasty! I did it with croissants with chocolate filling and sweet missed. Decked it with crushed crackers *Homeland.* And because home cake can not stay 12 hours, shall be insured with a gelatin to cream (tighten more quickly, in case you cut the earlier) :) :) little tough cut off shapely pieces but solve the problem, sliced ​​cake of large (and very stable) portions :) Cup in which he made with a smaller diameter than the cup of gold, but is deeper (or so it seems to me the pictures). We liked the cake, allowing improvisations will surely make it again (will try and fresh fruit) :)

The cake is gorgeous to taste and very light, I used the sweet orange peel.

Very tasty and easy to style! I liked :)