Country pita (Cottage-loaf)

Submitted by enr on 18 Jan 2012
500 g flour (4 cups 200 ml)
1 tsp salt
60 g butter
7 g dry yeast
1 egg white
# spreads:
1 egg yolk
1 tsp milk or a few drops of sunflower oil
Country pita (Cottage-loaf)
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In a bowl place the flour and salt and then add the diced butter. Rub with hand until the mixture resemble fine breadcrumbs. Sprinkle the yeast and mix well. Pour into flour mixture 300 ml lukewarm water, egg white and knead dough. Knead until smooth and elastic (about 10 minutes). Cut off about one third of the dough. On floured surface shape larger piece into a ball and place in greased pan (or baking paper). Shape and smaller piece of dough into a ball and place it on top. With well-floured finger press in the center of the bread, trying to reach the bottom of the tray. Use the tip of a knife and apply lines, about 5 mm deep in dough and mark of 12 tracks (starting from the middle of the small ball in it, continue down through the great, to the tray; So is divided into 4 parts and then each is divided by 2 lines for a further 3 parts). Again with floured finger pressure in the middle of the pita. Cover the pita with a clean cloth or a piece of greased with sunflower oil cellophane (transparent foil, nylon) and leave in a warm place for 45-60 minutes or until doubled in size. Apply 2 times the pita with the defeated lightly with 1 tsp of milk or a few drops of sunflower oil yolk. Preheat the oven to 180-190C. Bake in center of oven for 30-40 minutes. After the first 10-15 minutes, reduce the temperature of 160C. Bake until golden brown. Try to stand with a wooden skewer. Put baked pita on the grill, wrap with a clean towel and allow to cool.
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18 Jan 2012


very interesting cake goes to Favorites and will try sometime

Bravo Ina that made their amazing bread, very beautiful here will try! Beautiful images as always! Congratulations!

Petya, flowers, glad you like it! And I was interested when I saw her. I did not know how it will be baked as is *two floors*, but was very good.

Nice recipe and beautiful pictures!

this bread is a jewel

Wow, Ina-is superb! Perfect photos! Certainty the that will do-as-cake is my weakness .. Thank you!

I agree and I to universal Wow! Easy and effective! Such MIGHT like! Thanks, tillia!

Very nice cake Ina, congratulations :)

seems to me difficult, I do not know if I could handle

Petya nothing complicated and I get the courage to try, you deal with such complicated recipes do not go!

Done-my cake already made it. Much is being done quickly and easily. I put 4h. cups more flour, but I think that was a little-something I could not decide what you need to make the dough. Smells amazing, we did not yet tried-half wait to come by road. There will be corrective maybe tomorrow. I liked the recipe and method of making. Once again thanks Inche.

Thanks for all the good reviews! Desi, as always - great bread you did! I am very happy! There is nothing complicated or in products, or in preparation. I tried as much as possible with the most detailed pictures to describe step by step the whole process / it to hold the camera with one hand and with the other to shoot not work but still get something! /

threads in my not getting HEMA to upload not shame

Petya, darling, what it was on this cake, so do not get? Sorry for the misfortune.

rise as I liked how it looks, but is baked there was no appearance, but drgiya experience I hope to be good

Desi beautiful cake you did, my now rises but as he started to rise cut, cut it with a scalpel and then bake to see what comes out. I will let the pictures and regardless of the outcome.

Here are my bread, sprinkled it with sesame, delicious and beautiful cake, Ina thousand thanks for shared recipe!

flowers, beauty ... bravo!

cheerful, thanks!

Many are you beautiful loaves miles girls! Inca, you are unbeatable in recipes, but also Serve the things that each of his crave to try them!

cake is beautiful but very, very tasty!

flowers, just no words! Made her just like the original! And with these sesame seeds has become more beautiful and delicious. Glad courage! Vesi, Rally - thank you for your trust!

beautiful flowers you become bread. Congratulations from me!

To show (although the photo is not so good :() and my experience with this cake. Delicious and not become stuck :)

mimsi, do not always have at hand the appropriate apparatus for recording, but still gives an idea of ​​how it looks dish. A cake looks great and most importantly, that you liked!

Mary wonderfully served cake, I guess for the holiday :) Happy holiday, albeit with delay!

kind of did not get, but it was delicious

By looking at the pictures I think the reason is that you did deeper cuts / write the recipe - *Use the tip of a knife and apply lines, about 5 mm deep in dough and mark ...* item. is not to cut all the way down, but only to mark half a cm. depth. * At least the picture that I see no reason to porazlee so. Petya, the important thing is that it was delicious, but looks very good with this golden crust!

to this cause, but nothing next time will become another

We really liked the cake. Thank you.

Mary, I'm glad that you tested the recipe and you liked it! Beautiful cake you did! Congratulations :!

Yesterday, I made cake for St. Nicholas Day and we like! Because, as are the days of fasting, not put egg and swapped oil with oil. Upload photos, Ina will say that I deal with.

Bravo, Bobby! You have done great! And the changes that you did show that the cake can be made with other test only be used to shape the way in which you I thank you! :)

Very tasty cake get ate it with pleasure. Vision I did much to bring, but next time will try more.

Nelly, I'm glad that you experimented with the recipe! Can not always get the perfect look. How many times has happened to me - it depends on the flour, yeast, temperature, nedovtasalo, prevtasalo ... Nothing it will of bread you - if he has eaten, so it is worth trying :)

The recipe is very successful, with some products, and a great result. Well done.

rangelova, I'm glad that you experimented with the recipe! I hope you've eaten with pleasure! :)

Super recipe ... Pitkaaa perfect!

memory, hopefully a photo, I'm glad that you liked it! :)

Wonderful bread, as always with a gorgeous look. Congratulations. I have just one question. Can I replace the flour with another type. Here no longer is available white (Type 500), and cornmeal. Thank you in advance

Liden, cake I made with white flour type 500. This is the most common meal and do not believe in Varna no. Another issue is that there are different brands and the quality is different, although it says *Type 500* :). Appearance not believe to have any significant impact. Otherwise it will be the difference between, for example, as in white bread; type of bread / black /; corn bread or wholemeal bread. Furthermore, you can use dough that you feel the same, only to shape as shown, as it did Lirinka. Good luck!

Thanks to the rapid and comprehensive response. Very nice. His magnificent

lid, where you are, there is no flour there already?

Mila Nevi, live in a country which two years ago was a sign of security, very low prices and abundance. Unfortunately, now is exactly the opposite, but we had no chance to leave. Syria-Hama

This time I made bread, just the recipe! I made a mistake that put it in a pan with a larger diameter. Last time was determined in a small baking pan. But we do not stop her eat with pleasure! It is high time to try, with knit cake, but we will see when ... :)

Bobby, it will come time and the braided bun! :) You are such complex and beautiful cakes do this you will not build! :)

Greetings from Iceland! Bread is great and it is difficult, I have a problem with complex performances. Next time I would put cheese or cheese to see how this will happen and will Sprinkle with sesame, now that I had. Thanks for the recipe!

kadrina, bread really is simple to implement and is glad that he did it. We will wait your interpretation! :)

Now bake. And need about 10 minutes, but the kitchen smells great. I have not the patience to be shot. Thanks for the recipe.