Ilett cake

Submitted by enr on 08 Jun 2008
500 g filo pastry sheets
3 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 cup yogurt
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 cup flour
1 baking powder
coconut for sprinkling
# For the syrup:
2 cup sugar
3 cups water
a little lemon juice
2 vanilla
Ilett cake
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Sheets fold one by one harmonica and so arrange in greased pan. Roasted and then flooded with cake mixture of scrambled eggs, sugar, yogurt, sunflower oil, flour and baking powder. Again baked in a moderate oven. Remove the cake pour hot syrup made from those products. Sprinkle with coconut. A similar milk banitsa.
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08 Jun 2008


interesting cake - will gladly do it again :)

Years ago I tried something and it was amazing, but peel were not only below. I wish I could do it, but my little strange how all sheet will be folded and arranged in the baking pan. You will wonder a little and will decide :)

mimsi not worry. I made the cake is great. Just curled peel and piecing them together.

Mmm, yes! I decided and did it! Increased the dose with another egg, slowed less sugar and cinnamon added. Hehe! I could only try a piece! My men told him the game! Next time will add the walnuts.

Nelly, do the cake for the umpteenth time and I can not get enough of him! Terrific! I allowed myself to get some pictures, I hope you do not mind! Who has not tried, very missed!

workshop and I will let seryino production. Bravo dessert is great.

Since there are so nice comments about this cake will do in the near future. Bravo! To favorites is!

It was delicious. Thanks for the great recipe. Favorite is now all in families sign even priyateliteni. Congratulations.

And can you put pieces of Turkish delight?

ivka, the cake is superb and quite twee. I think there is no need of delight, but nothing prevents you try and share results with us. I insist cinnamon and walnuts.

Today I made the cake - became great, but put less sugar and I added 1/2 cup ground walnuts. Bravo for the recipe.

This cake is just amazing do it several times and could hardly eat, is great.

made cake. For me this is baklava without nuts.

And did you like?

With so many good comments and I'll try it these days.

great is pravyago already 4 calculates routes, well done is incredible!

I'm glad you liked the cake so many people!

neli75, sladkishtat's very interesting taste and spectacular serving. all liked them at home. I added to the recipe 1 / 2cup h walnuts. Bravo for the cake!

Nor, as is evident from the comments - cake worthy of its name! Family Ilett means in Turkish:-)

It is really amazing the cake.

great going!

in diameter baking pan with what you do?

great cake, I did a ready cake mixes powder-chocolate version, I climbed and photos. All like it! I put walnuts. Thanks for the recipe. my pan is round with a diameter of 40 cm.

And I think to do this cake weekends. This Cocoa in cake mixes is a great idea, so will get chocolate cake Ilett.

Daniski marvelous are your photos from the chocolate version of *Ilett* cake will try it in this version.Girls I'm glad you liked it at all!

cake is incredible

taste of baklava;) and I think the next doing to put more walnuts, although now rasnah baked in pastry;) or peanuts, bravo for the recipe, very good score from me;)

Very easy, delicious cake. Several times I do and always gets. I put walnuts before winding sheet pie. Thanks for the recipe.

I did the cake with the greatest desire exactly the recipe, but my close people I do not like it. He would not do more.

This is our favorite cake, and not just us. Who experience it asks for more.

Even today I will prepare the cake, so much praise ... should be worth it!

Today I made the cake :) became very, very tasty :)

No, I'm amazed at all. Something lispva of this cake, but I can not figure out what. Recipe long ago I had put in favorites and still postponed for another cake. Today I finally decided to do. I'm sorry, but I really did not like it and will not repeat. We are great lovers of sweet most cakes that do are recipes from here and I have not remained so disappointed.

cake is wonderful! I shared the recipe with friends, their reviews are the same!

great cake! Who tried fascinated. Thanks for the recipe!

cake is great, all very home like him.

great cake :) thanks for the recipe, the third time it prepare

Hello! Admiration for the author of this wonderful cake, all who have tried are delighted recipe handed out with the greatest pleasure. Thanks for the recipe!

fine desserts, easy to make and delicious! I did it for Christmas Eve and all were fascinated by it. :) Chocolate lovers are so removed from the recipe and added the coconut cocoa cup walnuts and orange peels. Obtain a unique flavor. I'm sure that in the original will is delicious:) Regards to the author! :)

It was delicious cake I added a little cocoa cake mixes and syrup in liqueur and orange tangerine and lemon peel.

great cake became :)

cake is just great. It is very easy, but gets incredibly delicious.

today will try at home and hopefully like it and we :) :)

became a wonderful dessert ...