Layered cake Star Wars 1

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2011
3 ready the base
12 muffins or cakes
Bavarian cream or other thick cream of your choice
fondant for covering + blue food dye
modeling paste
green food dye for Yoda
Layered cake Star Wars 1
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The bases stick with cream, cake stand 24 chasa in the refrigerator. plastered with cream and again kept in the refrigerator for several hours. Cover blue colored fondant. Muffins cakes are cut with a knife, according to the paper and they decorate. Stars and Yoda made a recipe of paste modeling of Aliana, the letters are also on this recipe. You can add more decoration elements as imagination, desires and preferences. This is my version. * Recipe Aliana pasta modeling - рецепта here * Recipes for fondant - Тесто modeling (fondant) * Recipes for Cakes figures - Фигурки Cake
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10 Apr 2011


Bravo, neli1100 - great performance. Yoda is very successful.

Nelly, bravo! And I agree with ELTI, very original decoration and Yoda is real. Once again Bravo!

Congratulations, Nelly!

Thank you for your attention! And I very much like him Yoda :)

Hard work and great result!

Great cake. Someone was very very happy;) Bravo. Outstanding performance.

quite difficult, but beautiful and worth it! Congratulations, Nelly!

great performance. Congratulations :)

amazing performance, Nelly! Congratulations!

Thanks to all who have noticed my birthday cake! Thank you!

Whoa, Nelly, is super! Good for you!