Marinated bell peppers without sterilization

Submitted by enr on 24 Jul 2010
6 kg of peppers bell peppers
1 kg carrots
10 heads of garlic
# For marinade:
7 cups water
1 cup sugar
1 cup salt
1/2 cup sunflower oil
black pepper, bay leaf
4 cup vinegar
Bells are cleared from the stalk. Carrots and garlic also cleared. Marinade put to boil and steamed bell. Lining up in jars, adding carrots and garlic. Pour the hot marinade, sealed jars and turn until cool.
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24 Jul 2010


I've done this kind of closure, but turning the jar of the juice runs out. What should I do to avoid leakage?

Every year you do them and are gorgeous. And this cap that run when you close a clipper top with the blunt side of the knife past the edge of the cap and no problem.

Without sterilized do not become the next day began to inflate and caps expire marinade however, closed them with new caps made another attempt. I opened the 8 jar marinade poured out vazvarih I poured the marinade to boiling ie again filled the jars with marinade closed jars checked whether rotate caps turned them down with caps flowing ff. Half day marinade was expired? That made me very angry again did everything above described order and stirilzirah jars them pulled and turned waited to cool and oh miracle all caps were hollow now wait to doide winter to see what I've done.

very sorry for what happened but I have several years has this recipe and you do not have any problem. Soon will prepare and upload a photo.