Muffins without eggs

Submitted by enr on 30 Sep 2007
2 cups milk
5 tbsp sugar
5 tbsp flour
1 cube of yeast
1 cup sunflower oil
flour for soft dough
jam or egg and feta cheese for stuffing
sugar or sesame seeds for sprinkling
Muffins without eggs
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Milk, sugar 5 tbsp flour and yeast is mixed well and allowed to stand 15 minutes. Then, the oil and gradually put flour while kneading medium soft dough. It tear balls which rolled buns stuffed optional. May be a jam may be egg and feta cheese. Maybe half are sweet and half savory. Arrange in a greased and sprinkled with a little flour pan. Top buns brushed with beaten egg, the cookies are sprinkled with sugar, salt and sesame. Bake immediately, without waiting for it rest in a preheated 200 ° C oven.
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30 Sep 2007


are the most delicious buns

8104, I'm glad you like the muffins. Eat them with health.

Pepi, thank you for the great recipe! I did half with delight and nutmeg and the other - with chocolate. Were two baking pans fluffy buns! Run and photos.

I do them just with cheese

reni55, very glad that the muffins you hit it. You chose great fillings. 8104, and only with Cheese are nice, something like horns and we like them except sweet and salty ones. Enjoy your meal and dvechkite.

When they heat up in MB smell like freshly baked ... are super!

I love muffins. Will try a must! Bravo for the easy recipe!

kami, muffins hope you like it.

How long / about / bake buns?

Today I made them and were very nice and fluffy! Galle them I Paiute nyakade15-20 min (right oven preheated)

quick_v, I'm glad that the muffins you hit it.

They became great. I made them with delight, next time I will make them with cheese.

zlatina I apologize that I have not seen your question, but now I am going. I am glad that you trust my recipe, and especially that you may like. Thank you for your trust. Indeed, muffins are suitable for sweet and salty fillings. I think with salty stuffing'll appeal.

They became great muffins! Bravo for the nice recipe - liked to all! I put chocolate and marzipan (Turonian bland) - I can only recommend them!

Aliana, thank you for your trust. Glad muffins you hit it.

Pepi for two weeks were done 6 times. With all sorts of fillings, nougat to apple spared. Always complete success! I know the recipe by heart:-) Good for you!

Aliana, darling, I am very glad that you like muffins. Really become with different fillings and us are our favorites at home.

mariqna_, I'm glad you liked the muffins are.

are wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

mvzh, and I thank you for the trust. Glad muffins you hit it.

Pepi, now I came across this recipe and I still do them today. I will report later.

Desi, I hope you like it.

became very delicious. Pepi Thanks for the great recipe.

Half made with strawberry jam, half chocolate.

Desi, very glad. Marvelous are thy become muffins. The dough is really universal and becomes and sweet and salty stuffing.

And can you dry yeast? And how to put? I want to try them today.

i4eto3421, I personally do not make them dry yeast, but there is no reason not to become. If you try 1 1/2 packet (if the doctor she was 7 g.) Should become.

Many thanks for the reply, but I've already made them in your recipe and grew exceedingly. Soft, fluffy, fragrant ... Probvaite them without fear of failure. I did and lemon slices.

i4eto3421, I'm glad you liked the muffins are. And in turn you give me a great idea for filling with lemon slices. Will try them. Thank you for the idea.

Great idea with lemon slices. And I will try them. Super.

A week ago I made them again - as always were great! I had a few dried apricots and figs, chopped them finely and mingled them with chopped nuts, put a few drops of orange blossom water, enough to weld the mixture and it palnih muffins - were gorgeous! Too bad I can not vote again:-)

confidence of many positive comments today and I made these muffins.I like the fact that it does not rise for several times and lost time.Became very quickly and so far are great!Hopefully remain one for tomorrow to see how then are.

mimsi glad that you liked the muffins

Yes, are nice today! I divided the dough into 4 Roll of round, cut into triangles and then Turn muffins. Basement them top with egg and dip them directly into crystal sugar + poppy seed. Quick, easy and delicious - will do again! :)

again were done by these rolls. Stuffing were three: with delight, quince jam and salted onion stuffing / as onion pastry /. In all three options were great!

i4eto3421 you are very nice and muffins image and I'm glad that you like them and cook often at home thank you

scones are just amazing! Children licking your fingers! So quick and easy! Super fragile and mekichki! Become our favorite!

I finally did and I kiflichkite- with cherry jam and Turkish Delight. Were wonderful. Blagodarya- ideal for my breakfast of sweet :)

radostg, lady_LANA, thank you both for your trust. I am very glad that the muffins you hit it.

scones do them often, I will try them and mince or mild sausage, maybe with onion, leek. The dough is very successful. Thanks to the author for the recipe.

akva7, I thank you for the trust. Glad you like muffins, and this local stuffing is a very good idea.

today made them became great. Bravo for the easy recipe!

kami, I'm glad you liked the muffins. Thank you for your trust dear.

Oh, what a great recipe. This time it rolled, became faster and baked good. One is a hip jam and the other with delight.

i4eto3421, very glad that you've made the stopped these buns :) Thank you dear for confidence in my recipe.

my husband made them today. were sumptuous and delicious. I think that with kremvish also shtesa successful. thank you

mam4eto_30, thank you for your trust and congratulations on your husband - it should be a great cook, so maaanichko envy you, noble December :) Of course, they will become and sausage. That's their thing about these muffins that allow you to put and sweet and salty stuffing and are still tasty :)

and I made them today were wonderful. Thank you.

vunio, I'm glad you liked muffins :) Thank you for the evaluation and trust.