Chicken livers in rural

Submitted by enr on 28 Sep 2008
500 g chicken livers
2-3 onions
2-3 peppers
2-3 carrots
2-3 tomatoes
5-6 cloves garlic
sunflower oil
1 cup wine
Chicken livers in rural
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Livers are washed and dried. Rolled in flour and put in a well greased pan with sunflower oil. Place in a preheated 250 ° C oven and baked until cut up vegetables. Onions cut into crescent slices carrots, julienne peppers and tomatoes grated. Remove the tray with livers, top put all the vegetables, seasoned with salt, pepper and savory, pour a glass of wine and a glass of water and put back in the oven. Bake for 30-40 minutes. Serve sprinkled with chopped fresh parsley.
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28 Sep 2008


They are very tasty, but I made them in the pan.

Mmmm I will prbvam :) thanks for the recipe.

I have no words to describe the result!As my husband said *Amazing are a killer.*If he said it, then it is.Fantastic meal.Commissioned me again soon to do them.Bravo, congratulations for the recipe !!!

They became great. Serve them with grated cheese on top.

Super I had not occurred livers to Constipation in advance. Thanks for the recipe sounds delicious!

Ednya great idea for a light cooked meal with chicken livers, I guess so prepared sauce of vegetables and wine are very juicy. Bravo!

Great retsevta is very delicious

cooked this meal of a German and he licked the plate with a slice of bread

finally an end to the annoying frying. Were superb baked this way. Thanks for the recipe

great recipe

to tonight and I made these livers, I am happy with the end result

are very tasty, thanks for the recipe

livers were great, even my husband, who is not much of a them said they were amazing, thank you for the recipe

are Srashni! Super! Brain!

are really very tasty!

looks delicious will try

hahahaha I've tried and I've uploaded a photo lelele how I put

okay with canned tomatoes?

as put vegetables or stir you must remain at the top and when put back in the oven again you 250 degrees bake?

Desi course that can be used canned tomatoes. Jar of 800 g is sufficient. When you put the vegetables, stir lightly and bake again. If they start to overcook should be namalcht degrees ... depends on the oven.

Desi course that can be used canned tomatoes. Jar of 800 g is sufficient. When you put the vegetables, stir lightly and bake again. If they start to overcook should be namalcht degrees ... depends on the oven.

Thank you, very tasty rose, though we are not big fans of livers be eaten whole pan :)

Well girls and I now put to the liver cooked in this recipe let's see whether they will become tasty and whether in-law and her husband will like it because I do not eat liver.

Bravo delicious became

recipe get it well with the dish became delicious.

are still in the oven smell better hope they are delicious :)

bravo master

Tonight I was about already prepared her. It was incredibly delicious! It is always good when properly exesweetd recipe, you have the necessary products and the time that is needed. This is not a lot of time, and yet prepared the necessary patience and get a great dinner! Thank you!

Hello! Last night I made these livers and were incredibly delicious! I was worried that children will not like them, but even when they smelled eating my concerns disappeared. Thanks to the successful recipe!

Yesterday I made them very tasty cooked meal get

A great recipe, try it tonight. I added the pickles and shredded cheese portion became mooozak

I added the rice. Unique flavor get !! even to me like if I do not like liver !!

what pepper is delicious red or green ...

I think this dish need red peppers. Rather produce it, it is delicious!

Ladies, just did not understand red or white wine you use?

Awesome! I liked the dish - easy and very delicious! Kate, I used white wine! :)

recipe is great to now I've always cooked meal in the manner described only pre braise vegetables. Today, however, I decided to replace the roasted peppers with fresh (that green) old with green onions and cut two sprigs of fresh garlic + carrots. I thought of all the fresh vegetable will go wine and put received is fantastic.

The meal was very tasty! Will definitely do often!

Very tasty dinner out. Thanks for different recipes for this dish generally standard. I do not eat liver, but licked his plate today :) I was wondering if it would work without boiling the livers, and without mushrooms ... But I'm delighted with the result. And I like zllate used onions and peppers and cloves of young garlic and missed the wine. I put tomato sok- home + Younger home. puree. I commend all of this version of the dish.

Great get the recipe and is very easy to implement. I'm not generally a big fan of livers, but thus are very tasty :)!

I pan-fried and always with roasted peppers. Incredible yummy! Each time increase the dose and still not enough :(

very well received. Only carrots us lined up a little unusual. I did not have parsley, but next you will necessarily get it.

Very good recipe, making it several times, is like home :)

As I thought was a very nice cooked meal, livers were juicy and the sauce has become incredibly flavorful. Very nice recipe.

It was very tasty! Thanks for the recipe!

I add a little soy sauce!

Bravo korneliq! Super rose licking and fingers! :)

Quick and easy recipe, but I prefer to have the pan.

At the moment I prepare this dish. Smells great, tonight will see how and taste.

A swine liver if it would work?