Salted crown of Cat

Submitted by enr on 01 Jan 2011
# For the dough:
500 g of flour type 500
300 ml milk
20 g fresh yeast
1 tsp caster sugar
2 tsp salt
80 g soft butter
# For the filling:
125 g cream cheese
150 g ham
150 g cheese
Salted crown of Cat
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Warm milk and it is dissolved yeast. Add powdered sugar and salt. Then in small doses and put flour. The butter is placed last. Again interfere with flour to firm ball. Rises 1h. Then rolled rectangular crust. Dab with the feta cheese. Sprinkle with ham (I put skinless sausages) and cheese. Is then wound into a roll. The roll is cut to length and the two parts are twisted, and then forming a crown - has step by step in the pictures. Rises again. Dab with yolk + 1 tbsp milk. Bake at 170 C until complete ready (about 40 minutes). * This is a favorite baked in our family, so I decided to share the recipe with you. Lovely recipe owe it to Cat by BG MAMA .
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01 Jan 2011


Well, very interesting recipe! Will try - goes to favorites. Thank you !!!

baking pan how big?

interesting *salt cake*.

And to me it sounds tempting! To favorites and will be prepared in the near future with smoked neck seems :)

Girls, I'm glad you like :) generally bake it in a rectangular shape, which is more than roast it can be empty space in the middle.

It was very tasty :) Next time I think it naprvya instead of cream cheese with melted. Thanks for the nice recipe!

Miroslava, it's great that you liked! :) Melted cheese will certainly make it very appetizing!

unique taste - instead of cream cheese spread with ham and melted swapped with smoked meat - became great! Thanks for the nice recipe!

Didi, it is very beautiful! Considering what products you have given, I am convinced that is incredibly delicious! :)

I recently saw a picture of appetizing di_jar and I wanted to do this crown. Join the good reviews - it's really delicious. Thank you for sharing emi03 and Cat for the recipe.

My was not like a crown, put it in a small pan and collected, but judging by the amount you can safely enter the cake shape and form as it should be - next time I will do it. Once again thank you for the nice recipe.

I really liked it! I usually put crumbled cheese instead of cream and made it in cakes form. I hope I deal with pictures to see them!

I can sign up here. Last night we tried cooked in this recipe asks, we like! Will be made more veeery times! I, deserved: excellent rating!

Wonderful camp, although many do not like, nor given treatment dough :). So tasty testyano product was not eaten. Even the kind of brought it. Is there any trick in rolling out the dough? That until now has me pulling - I throw it shrinks and aha give up :).

I liked going in favorites will try immediately.

sladki64e, what you describe with accurate and contraction occurs when we have a firm dough (ie used plenty of flour). When we make cakes, breads, pies, use a soft dough. Some pasta, however, require hard dough. And the hard and soft dough become sharpening, but in the solid has a greater amount of flour. Firm dough requires greater effort in rolling out. From experience I have found that the soft dough get soft, puffed casseroles, and of solid more concise and crisp. Hard dough most often used with layered pasta. In the next attempt put the flour in stages and will feel the difference - first you get a soft dough (should not sticky and soft to the touch), then add more flour if dough becomes hard and will be difficult for kneading and for rolling out (resists).

Elti, thank you for the nice and detailed explanation. Next time in the preparation of dough will be more careful :).

A great recipe! It was very tasty cake! Became a favorite in our family!

I want to try this cake today, but all around us there is no yeast, you will become dry?

SiMa, I guess you can use dry instead of live yeast - a packet of dry yeast is enough for 500 gr. Of flour.

Sima, the original recipe is dry yeast, so surely experience you will be successful. Girls incredibly beautiful photos and surely insanely delicious! :)

No problem, I sent my husband to look for yeast and found it. Will try tonight and will give a report later! I'm not very good at mixing, so worried a bit, but we'll see what happens!

I did crown last night, now to share with you what happened, and more experts to advise me! Taste and appearance was very nice, but it seems not enough fluffy but rather slightly condensed. What is wrong, I think it is in the souring, but will be happy to hear your opinion!

SiMa_, just down in the comments, Elti very well explained when receiving more fluffy and when more concise. Likely flour was plenty. At least to me the first time I worked on it as it is received from the flour. I used the machine for the preparation of bread dough and seemed quite soft, I added a little more dough, but it was enough to get a hard dough and flattening it was difficult. I did it a second time as I kept the right amount of flour - the dough is stretched very easily and was more fluffy than the first.

I wanted to say *I added a little more flour, but do not test* :)

You may be right, but I do feel that the dough is soft. I am Mary towers with accuracy, it eye! if I put a little flour, I would have sticky or border is very thin and I felt I did not! I liked the recipe, so again will try with less flour!

If you remove the oil recipe will be fluffy, but still not the same cake.

It was very tasty and finished on time :)

recipe is great to give incredible delicacies. Now it twice and do so quickly eats that failed even to make pictures. Divine taste ... Thank you :)

It was great! :)

Very tasty camp. Thanks for the great recipe.

Pepi, looks very appetizing!

Thank you, Reni! :)

from scratch stana- recipe is accurate

emi03, thanks for the recipe! Long and was about, but today I made it. We were impressed, it was very tasty. Over, no time. But I think I made a mistake, put it in the baking pan 28 cm. and less spilled. Next time I will make it in the same pan, but a double dose. You know that this yummy we do not go anywhere. Avle for you to know Paul? Will upload photos, download them to your computer.

Lirinka, I'm glad you liked the recipe! :)Girls, great images with great bakery! Congratulations! :)

is Beautiful! I make it in very often :)

It seems extremely tasty! Great photos! :)

With so many positive reviews, I was certain that the result will be great. BREAD fully met our expectations, very tasty and mekichko. We have put bacon instead of ham - chopped and lightly fried - gives it a very nice flavor.

I do it three times and no failure. Will try and bacon, a good idea.

Always do make dose and half to be sufficient for all home! With smoked bacon mandatory and how smells mmm ... just great! :)

Awesome! And you can experiment with other products. For example, I add olives, cucumbers and corn.

tried and tested many times ... :)

Great recipe ... beloved family! :)

Nelly, it is. Glad you liked the baked this delicious! :)

Very nice and successful recipe! And upload photos :)

favorite at home! Loved it! :)

Reni, Hats off to you! Incredibly beautiful! Real crown!

Thank you, Amy! Embarrassing for me to admit, but ... :) For the first time I made the crown before they register on the site. Then a colleague (big fan of the *Jolly cook*) told me about this great recipe and explain how exactly is rolled, cut and twist. I decided that I was clear and did not even bother to look or explanation you nor your photos ... and if you know what I did and it many times (not quite understand, and I do not read the recipe, I know January memorized), until yesterday, when I saw the preparation step by step (and incidentally, just browsing photos) :) :) Well, surprise and much laughter, but at least it finally became crown properly :)