Marinated fish Perla

Submitted by enr on 05 May 2008
1 kg cleaned sprat
240 g coarse salt
260 ml vinegar
1-2 bay leaves
peppercorns (maybe ground)
sunflower oil
Marinated fish Perla
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From salt, vinegar, bay leaves , pepper and 2 liters of water is prepared marinade. The fish are washed well and soaked in a marinade for at least 20 hours. Then attempts and if you need more leave in the marinade, if ready (ripe) is washed and distributed in small jars. Top is poured and cooled down Overdone sunflower oil. Jars are closed without sealed and stored in a refrigerator.
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05 May 2008
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And will get you if sprat has already been frozen?

gigi. 2000, there is no problem if sprat is frozen, but always look to be fresh frozen that already took to sell any junk. First her thawed and act in the manner described. I am also rules frozen because rarely miss fresh sprats.

Great recipe, very successful, even more delicious fish became of that is sold. It is very easy to implement, unless of course the cleaning of tsatsata..tryabva to be very patient, but when I eat a nice marinated fish and cleaning up its durable ..I added just 5-6 grains allspice to marinade and place in burkaneta filled it appropriate boxes. I guess that will not be around much longer in the refrigerator. I think in this way to pickle and a little mackerel ..Bravo and thank you for Pepolina shared recipe.

I forgot to say that I also used frozen sprat ..

Hello and how long can withstand the fish

Mariyanche, I'm glad you liked the fish. I still am going to have you do, but I can not hit a nice sprat has such a big thing and I do not like a sprat.

GALA96, most - I'd have detained a week that make our country as quickly ends :) but I guess as you keep it in the refrigerator and will last - a long time.

Pepi tonight desire of her ate straight from the box-right corner are nayadohme came to my wits to make it with onions and salad otsetets corner and tomorrow night so I decided to napravya..imam however idea as do not try to make it 1 mackerel marinade in this recipe -predpolagam that will happen again delicious-as do will give a report-I used frozen -from Kaufland I had taken and is quite petite but perfect for this recipe ..

Mariyanka if you take the advice - the meat of mackerel is thicker and it needs more time to marinate, I would increase with time more so, at least my mother makes a big fish.

Girls in August this recipe marinated in fresh oblez Danube. Increased a little vinegar, lemon pieces for added flavor, and I poured into jars nepreparzheno oil. Store in the refrigerator, and even last night again haphvahme salad with leeks, olives and this fish. I mean that the recipe is very good at least to me it was pretty durable. Thanks, Pepi!

Did I mention that I tried the recipe.

Mariyanche, and I'll check in Kaufland, for there I had not thought that since there hardly buy fish and meat. Mackerel I have not thought to try, but surely and it will be done.

Milenka, tips are always helpful:) thank you for the advice!

gigi. 2000 us such fish will not, but I'm glad that you liked the recipe and you was delicious.

Milencha accept tips on how to not accept, will keep you plenty-and you will get it kusvam that we are not very salty-sprat now held her for 16 hours and Taman we taste-and that of lemons and I'll try it next time will definitely try and other fish-recipe really universalna..a for vinegar -Has any more acidic vinegar one another less-my now come taman-NII is less as you pull her of the box I can rasna otsetets top and everything will be fine ..

Because ate sprat I decided to make pickled mackerel again this recipe, which only changed in the recipe is that it held about 30 hours in the marinade became trepach..izyadoh two-pieces-ostensibly to kusvam if she was ready. .hihihih and already two people in the village gave the recipe that I tried tsatsata..mnogo their liking ..Earned his place in FAVORITE firmly remains tam..oshte once a huge THANK YOU for the great recipe ..

Mariyanka, mackerel looks amazing. I'm glad you said to everyone who likes pickled fish to make it with any fish like. I will do and I mackerel :)

A stupid question from me. Discard marinade you? And in jars only oil you pour?

ceckavd, inundate with Overdone oil.

mackerel is really very delicious, next time I will try to shproti..ami looked around the net a bunch of recipes for pickled mackerel-tout January boil, then do not boil, then stand in salt sometimes can not stand, and finally his Mariano said in January he did it in the recipe for sprat barem that was tested and became wrong-killer ..

Mariyanka will do and I mackerel, now lick your end :)

I made the recipe with trout was very tasty! My only concern is her cover with oil can not hurt then the stomach of greasy.

Thanks for the recipe! :)

AnnaJames, thank you for your trust! I think you will have no problem with oil, because fish do not bear so much of it, not to say at all, it only helps to keep the fish :)

Leleeee if you know abode a few days in jars mackerel cava yummy stanaaa straight no words-now I have been waiting on the city to buy another 2-3 mackerel to do and the children some other jar-it strahotna..ot 2 jars one has eaten and the other half did ... a mix brandy drink with her ...

Mariyanka :)

Thanks for the reply, pepolina! To be honest, not much remained to put in jars, I gutted half as he tried if it has fallen :) I love sandwiches with smoked salmon and trout that was on taste became just like smoked salmon .. and I sandwich after sandwich. .ham-hum ... finally only one lyutenicheno jar remained field with oil :)

AnnaJames, this can only make me happy :) so many fish you liked it :) you is delicious!

Yes, very much :). I will do and plenty. Thanks for the recipe! :)

AnnaJames, thank you: *