Meat in a jar on crude way

Submitted by enr on 04 Oct 2010
The meat is salted and left to separate the liquid for one night. Then dried and the liquid was discarded. Raw meat is stuffed into jars and sterilized for about 4-5 hours.
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04 Oct 2010


Hello. I want to ask how secure the recipe, you do know you have not you must first bit to boil or fry meat. It bothers me not to ruin the meat, it is raw and only boil with jars. I want to do I in any easy way and this seems the case, but ... :)

my mother in cured meat raw salted it that way. Then do not sterilize it and pour it hot lard. Keep in a cool and lasts to March. Canned meat is so fresh taste and not so dry as frozen. Should only be taken when cooking and do not add salt. I have such jars and if you do not cook while cold drop them directly to the jar in the freezer.

petq36, my grandmother one time village fry some meat before you put it in jars. After sterilization of so hours, open jars after time, the meat becomes so to eat. I remember putting a jar and 5-6 peppercorns. From these jars cook dish, no time. However, once there was no freezers and thus have to store meat. I hope I've been helpful! :)

Ooh, my grandmother one time so it was preparing. A version with lard I've tried only steaks, but they become a little jars and easy, and for a whole pig I do not know how you do it, you come and warm weather. Well there is no way you will need to fry, I was looking for something easy and this recipe I saw good, I do not know just how reliable.

You can saute, but without browning after sterilization time so it becomes ready and you can really eat and straight without to cook then. So I already store pet chickens - they are generally very tasty, but pretty tough. My mother in law cut them into portions, put them in jars with a few grains of black pepper, allspice and a bay leaf. Sterilize them as they are raw, but open the jar until they break them boning. They are very comfortable for my cooking, because eating it quickly and do not need to brew hours.

Hello, I need advice. Soon boiled raw meat in jars with one teaspoon of salt to each jar. Boil the jars 2 hours and a half, but they are not gelling. What is the problem and what would you advise me to do with the meat.

most probably even be raw meat - already ordered the jars to submerge home with rendered lard (liquid). Then sealed and boil for 2-3 hours. And that is not gelled - possibly the meat was not of the parts of the pig which gel. Such are the ears and legs - they gelled most.