Milk cake Ronnie

Submitted by enr on 06 Mar 2009
400 g of yogurt (4.5% fat)
250 g liquid pastry cream
3 tbsp caster sugar
330 g biscuits Breakfast (1 large package)
jam figs or another of your choice
coconut decoration
200 ml milk
1 tbsp instant coffee optional
Milk cake Ronnie
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Cream mix with a mixer until thick and fluffy. Yogurt mixed with sugar and add the cream. Mix well. In lukewarm milk biscuits immersed for 2-3 seconds (optional milk can put instant coffee) and arrange in a baking dish. It ranks as one line and crackers smeared thinly with jam on top is coated with milk mixture and again lining biscuits - so be arranged to run out of products. Finally, sprinkle with coconut and remains in a refrigerator to stand for 2-3 hours. You can make individual servings in cups, not the ceiling.
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06 Mar 2009


Quick and easy to prepare. Bravo! Bookmark

Very tasty sounds, and very easy to prepare, bravo!

Quick, easy and delicious cake! Thanks for the recipe! Few improvised in preparation :) In the milk and cream added gelatin, but instead used the sponge biscuits clippings that stirred cream. Once tightened cake he poured melted chocolate with butter.

Reni, congratulations tempting photos! As always wonderful, these photos will upload only fatter! ;) :)

Thank you for the nice words, Bobby! :) And fatter ... you know me what I look like pastry is not only a picture (just walk around the refrigerator) :) :)