Mini omelettes

Submitted by enr on 12 Sep 2011
350 g enoki mushrooms
4-5 scallions
1-2 carrots
3 eggs
pepper, salt
vegeta or other vegetable seasoning of your choice
sunflower oil
Mini omelettes
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Mushrooms are washed and cut into two or three equal length parts. Green onions cut into slices, grated carrot and add to mushrooms. Eggs and stir lightly with salt, pepper and vegetata add to the vegetables. In a pan becomes heated the oil. A tablespoon of the mixture grebva (always before stir, because the egg falls on the bottom of the container) and pour into pan. Yielding small omletcheta that fry until browned on both sides. Arrange on a plate, previously littered with blotting paper to absorb excess fat. Serve warm with salad season. * Enoki mushrooms are a little cap and a thin, long stem. Have crispy structure when raw. Cooking for soups and other dishes should not be prolonged because they are very delicate. Are typically added at the end and then slightly resilient and flexible, such as spaghetti. Used in raw form as a supplement (or main ingredient) to salads.
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12 Sep 2011


These are vegetable parzhenki (pekanki). Wow, how I love! Omelet is where the main ingredient is egg and additives are less swim in the egg and they may fall to the bottom, not the egg;). In this recipe the vegetables are fundamental and egg serves to solder. Parzhenki (pekanki) can be made with all sorts of vegetables. Here are very common these with grated potatoes (Reibekuchen). I think Tillia had climbed recipes, if not mistaken. Parzhenkite absorb much oil, so I personally do them in a dry pan. They go very fresh herbs in large quantities. Can be grated onion or half when made with zucchini, them put garlic. No limits to the imagination :) Very good recipe and very appetizing picture!

Thanks for evaluation, Aliana :) You're right that a lot goes green. I've tried except green onions, leeks, spinach and put I and are always successful. Zelenishite make them more fresh. Really take a lot of oil, if fry. I have tried to roast them griddle- only lightly with oil, the result is still very good. Is there any subtlety, making them in a dry pan (pan type, temperature)?

I have pans with Teflon coating, they do them. Kotlonat not too hot, do not burn me outside, but inside are raw. I dribble the mixture itself in a little olive oil so as caught a nice crust and pan jolt easily separated.

Thanks! Next time I'll try to do that.

I think that if you make them milk sauce, also very good .. after they fried it will kill some assumed oil.

Oooooo, Tsure! Where had been, girl? Good to *see* again! This sauce is very true with tsatsiki as many go!

:) hehe here I'm not lost, but along with the things in life I did not have time, but I'm not spiral to follow what's going on here :)