Omelet with minced meat

Submitted by enr on 06 Aug 2009
1 egg
50-70 g minced meat
flour for rolling
salt and pepper
Omelet with minced meat
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Egg mix well with salt and pepper. Minced meat may be pre-seasoned or her then combine optional. Add some minced meat in flour, flatten be as thin as possible and put the egg. Allow to stand for 5 minutes and fry gently pour the egg with minced meat. Fry on both sides, turn to roll and served warm with salad.
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06 Aug 2009


I like fast and tasty ...

Vesi Bravo! This will be my tomorrow's menu!

Vesi, many blagodarsko that you show us such interesting recipes! This put her in favorites and will soon be prepared!

Quick, easy and delicious. Bravo for the recipe!

Vesi, incredibly tasty omelet! I recommend it to everyone! I grated cheese on top and almost put it in MB, enough to melt the cheese! Fantasy!

Today I tried omelet, became very tasty. Thanks for the recipe. Next time I would put cheese on top and as Reni55.

perfect tonight will try something like schnitzel it May

Congratulations interesting recipe and the perfect presentation!

Great recipe. Super easy and delicious. Before rolled can put sauce or something of your choice (mushrooms, cucumbers, etc. ). Is unique! :)

I'll try it in the oven

But I know I have a problem with conversion? Maybe I have not made correctly ..
Mingled minced meat with spices then stirred with flour put I pressed it a little to make it thinner put egg left him and started to fry when I put it in the pan push it a little to cover it around and started frying but conversion did not do.
Tell me where I am wrong?