Orange pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese

Submitted by enr on 01 Mar 2011
3 eggs
400 ml milk (2 cups)
100 ml orange juice or orange Fanta
250 g of flour (2 cups)
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp melted butter (sunflower oil)
1 tbsp finely grated orange peel
# For the filling:
200-250 g cottage cheese
2 tbsp cream (butter)
1 vanilla
sugar or sweetener to taste
1 orange
Orange pancakes stuffed with cottage cheese
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Flour is mixed with the salt. Was added at least half of the milk. Mix well until smooth mixture. Add slightly beaten egg yolks, remaining milk, orange juice and orange peel. The mixture was allowed to stand for at least 30 minutes. Immediately before baking pancakes add the beaten egg whites to stiff the mixture carefully and gently stir in the direction of a bottom - up. Prepare the filling by stirring until a homogeneous mix the cottage cheese, cream, vanilla and sugar. If the cottage cheese is milk, do not add cream or butter. Orange slices cleaned the white membrane and are finely chopped. Added to the curd mixture together with the resulting juice when cutting. bake pancakes on both sides of the well heated pan. Spread with cheese stuffing optional and may be slightly constipated.
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01 Mar 2011
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*The flour is mixed with the salt and sugar* - how much sugar? Not on the products :) Otherwise well sounds like a recipe and the picture is super :) HBM!

voda, thanks for the note to fix it in time! The original recipe says *sugar to taste.* But I do not put sugar in pancake batter. I made a correction.

I suppose that the sugar to taste. The recipe I like. Put in favorite and will try.

They look wonderful! Will necessarily try these days. Can be thinner, or in any case will go so fluffy?

Milena can and thinner to make them. But if you are very thin, with blur curd can tear. And not so thick. Once you rub them fold in half and then it rolled. But can be rolled in any way you want.

Ina, as always great recipe and picture!

Well done and congratulations to the idea for the photo! Dobavyamv favorites. Only interjected that orange flavor and goes well with chocolate - another idea of ​​stuffing these wonderful pancakes.

Ina, sweet as ever - interesting recipe and aesthetic picture! Put in favorites:-)

Original and delicious stuffing. Good idea for the sweetener. I basically put on pancakes with jam, cream top, but it's much healthier. Will try!

The picture is so delicious. Congratulations to her and good recipe. And I would rather do them.

I am glad that you like! Pancakes themselves are very tasty and aromatic and without filling. The filling may be another - chocolate, cream, jam, etc.. Top can be field with topping, chocolate to sprinkle with grated chocolate, powdered sugar, cocoa or served with ice cream. Just be careful with oranges - previously very well be washed, that these chemicals ...

M-m-m-m what picture open my job!

Just as I read and understand it is yummy, bravo!

are great. Congratulations!

awesome, thanks for the nice idea, but the picture is really very tasty :)