Ordinal biscuits with chocolate

Submitted by enr on 13 Aug 2010
150 g of dark chocolate couverture
450 g couverture milk chocolate
150 g coconut oil, hardened
200 ml cream
2 tbsp vanilla sugar
250 g biscuits - rectangular, thin
Ordinal biscuits with chocolate
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Rectangular shaped cake covered with plastic foil. In saucepan put in pieces two types of coating and coconut oil, pour the cream and heat until complete melting. Stir well, then put vanilla. The bottom of the order form ranks biscuits and pour only as of chocolate, enough to cover slightly. Put back row biscuits, chocolate and then again so until the products run. Complete with chocolate. Put it on one night in the refrigerator. Cake turns into a tray is removed fthe oil and served cut into thin slices. cake brings inexplicable and not very appetizing name Kalter Hund, which means cold dog. I chose here not to baptize so.
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13 Aug 2010


600 g chocolate, this is the food of the gods and pleasure for the soul.

This recipe does not have to show my husband that then rite:-) is a big fan of all things chocolate. Will have to iznenadyam someday with this yummy (then his thinking:-). I liked the recipe. Thank you, Aliana (and on behalf of my husband - he was still unaware of the existence of this recipe, but I'm sure it would be ecstatic).

What can I say? Fascinates me again!

Rally, incredibly easy and delicious recipe. Thank you :)

Unique cake. Still feel the gentle chocolate flavor ... Tested with the company - all are fascinated. A preparation is simple. I used different chocolates (flavored berries, orange-flavored, plain milk, natural). Instead I put coconut fat oil. I did it today for today and did not have time to stay in the refrigerator for dipping biscuits briefly in milk.

Many will like at home, will try a must! Put in favorite :)

The idea is unique! Although standing 24 hours biscuits were hard, which is not much more fatal ... Later he handled as ELTI - with milk, then the work was ... mmm ... delicious meals :) Compliments of Aliana and Dr. Oetker;)

could instead be couverture chocolate Phineas or any other, there is no where to find couverture

or just plain chocolate melted in a water bath

In plain milk chocolate becomes (I so I did it), and the chocolate I have not tried. Not melting chocolate pedvaritelno water bath, and made the following recipe. If topnesh biscuits briefly in milk (or rare syrup) becomes ready after about 4-5 hours. Come on, good cooking.

at the earliest opportunity I will try it with milk chocolate

Thank Elti, replied that for me:-) Petya, did you try them and how you get?

I ate my chocolate milk, not knowing that I Demand and I played a bad joke haha, but I will try to do it as soon as possible

:) I've done so my mother not bad :) Drive, next time :)

always excellent results. Increasingly threaten that they will do a double dose and then give up. Naturally then sorry again and tell myself that the next time will be double :) This is one of our favorite desserts.

I am very glad of the good review! Enjoy your meal! :)

Something went asbaking pan this time - did half dose of cream and put biscuits full dose. Although disturbed his balance again we were delicious.

It was wonderful, but instead put 375ml cream condensed milk, thanks for the nice idea !!

Michaela, thanks for the positive comments! :) Enjoy your meal :)

much loved recipe and preparation for the umpteenth time :) Changes: cream 200ml cream, 240g of chocolate, 40 g butter. Biscuits - 200g.

snowy, looks gorgeous! I began to swallow often often :)

You know how much I love this recipe, Rally! It really is gorgeous and very glad that share it!

As a first attempt I decided to make a cake options Elti. I used Everest biscuits with milk, put holes in pieces of sweet figs. Mingled milk chocolate and tayav with raisins and hazelnuts. It was a gorgeous cakes! Next time I'll make it for a special occasion and will follow exactly the recipe :)

Girls, I'm glad that the recipe is welcomed. More comments Ivo (wunderzeichen) told me that something we've agreed in May So now, to explain myself and emphasize: the original biscuits remain crisp. Not neither irrigated nor are expected to take the cream. The aim crispy biscuits with chocolate, such as Oreo Prinzenrolle or coated with chocolate. This. That is. The top and between the lines gentle chocolate, and these lines - crisp as freshly baked biscuits. Surely all improvisations are great, but Kalter Hund not juicy pie. :)

Just this crispness liked :) As a huge and very chocolate biscuit out. I'm not irrigated biscuits with milk, and were such a taste. Expect to eat more slowly, because it was for family consumption only and I thought with all this chocolate will be blissfully at least a week, but I'm very very underestimated our ability :)

I am happy :) I think I can do these days with snow cream.